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Paid in Full (or Payment Due II)


Counted lost,
Hopeless lost,
Offended everyone,
Alienated all,
Hurting people,
Destroying things,
Marriage shredded,
Kids traumatized.
Darkness wins,
Pay now for sins.

This evilness,
This darkness,
Has crushed you.
To point of death,
Leaves aware.
To late pay now!
You isolated self,
No help to come,
Dark laughs.
You call one name,
Name of Names.

You feel it,
Welcome it,
Slight lightening.
You confess,
Calvary seen,
Dying Christ,
You weep,
Secrets flee,
Empty tomb,
Christ won,
Light is Son.

Darkness fled,
Spirit lead,
You called to God.
His love,
His sacrifice,
Melts dark away,
Frees your soul,
Redeems your eternity,
Your sin debt,
“Paid in full! ”
“Paid in full! ”
         dfav 9/10/15



It is dark.
Not only dark,
But it is alive.
The dark stalks,
Wrapping itself,
Around you,
Clinging, stickiness.
You dismiss it.
You are stronger,
Much stronger,
Than this foulness.

You play more,
You push more,
It is a high.
With a grip,
A firm one,
Around you,
Black, tar shackles,
Still okay though,
You’re enjoying it,
No judgement in it,
In this darkness.

The game goes on,
The dark goes on.
It covers you.
Like a cocoon,
It won’t let go,
You can’t fight,
Pinned in grips,
Wrapped in dark,
Darker dark,
Indescribable place,
What’s its name?

Some trick?
An evil trick?
It would take,
Lie to you,
Cheat you,
But has it?
Or did you think,
You’d cheat it,
Deny it?

Sin must be paid.
dfav 9/9/15


Abba Father;
The very first time I saw the ocean
It was darkest night under one street light
Everything looked black and white
Black the ocean and the sand
White the frothy kissed shoreline waves
The unknown to me not a bit scary.

Without fear I waded in awed by what pounded in my ears
This awesome majestic power I couldn’t see
Until someone came wading after me
Laughing at my clear child like joy
Under that one street light we paused
So I could see again what could not really be seen.

The world seems much like the beach that night
Darkness everywhere not one small circle of light
Has evil covered us blocking out what’s right?
I am not joyful there is no glee
This time no one comes to rescue the innocent
The good guys are bad and the bad ones are worse.

Then from a distance moving this way
One tiny flicker from one simple flame
My eyes latch onto it for it whispers my name
Then that light jumps and there are two
The light keeps dividing and I wade out to join
The world can’t go down as long as one flame burns on.

Abba it’s not necessary for me to know
What You’re doing whether I understand or not
You’re the Light my soul hasn’t forgot
The hope for this darkening world
Rests in each of us surrendering all
So Your light can shine in darkest night.
d.f.a.v. 12/3/14