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That Friday


On that Friday, “Good Friday,”
With its message of the cross,
The horrific death of Jesus crucified upon it,
An innocent man, the Living God,
Who sacrificed Himself for everyone,
Forgiving all who ask for their sins that held Him there.
And still He offers the promise of being with Him in Heaven—
Even to go with us to the ends of the earth.

On that Friday, “Good Friday, ”
He stood in the gap between unpure humanity and the I Am,
While His mother and friends watched,
As Roman soldiers gambled for His garments,
When the thunder rolled and the lightening struck,
The temple veil torn in to, top to bottom,
And the darkest clouds covered Calvary—
Final words were spoken.

On that Friday, “Good Friday, ”
“It is finished” and Jesus’ Spirit departed,
Satan believed he had won,
God was gone and now he can reign free,
But immediately there’s a whisper of the full prophecy,
A breath of clean air through the stench of death,
Tick-tock on the clock and Satan trembles—
Sunday is coming, and nothing can hold back the tide.
                                        dfav 3/22/16

It’s Friday!


On Friday —

Unjustly accused.
Unfairly judged.
Undoubtedly loving.
Undauntedly promising.


Not murdered, He gave.
Not forced, He gave.
Not destroyed, He gave.
Not defeated, He gave.

It’s Friday,
Not Sunday.
Friday’s defeat,
Sunday’s heartbeat.

Victory’s coming.
          d.f.a.v.  4/2/15

God, How Did You Not?


When Jesus faced Judas in the garden,
When the Chief Priests came with Pharisees,
A squadron of soldiers backing them up,
God did Your heart cringe or think of pardon?
Could You steal Yourself for what ahead must be?
To know Your Son would drink such a bitter cup?

When Peter looked on and would deny
As Jesus was mocked, jeered, spat upon
When the flog came swishing and fists pounding
Did You see it all through the tears in Your eyes?
How could no hatred burn for what man had done?
Were we, Your creation, still worth the redeeming?

As Jesus fell carrying His cross to Calvary
When He was stripped and nails pounded into hands and feet
Then torturously hung between earth and sky
Did You still see the pattern and pageantry?
How did You hold Yourself back for even a beat
As Your flesh and blood willingly gave Himself to die?

When Jesus cried why have you forsaken me?
When the thunder rolled and the temple curtain rent into,
When Jesus whispered “It is finished” and His Spirit went home,
Did You just want it over and to roar “Let us be”?
Was it only Jesus who You looked upon?
Or did Your sight extend to all of us who’d stumble home?

How did You stand it, witnessing absolutely everything?
My daughter cries over lost friends and my heart breaks
Treated unfairly and Mama Bear roars!
And that’s why You’re God able to do anything,
And why Your heart broke and Your love speaks,
And it is Jesus who opens Heaven’s door.

Why He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
                            d.f.a.v.  1/23/15

Two Trees

Lights shine a multicolored glow
A few gifts beneath for those we know
Tree stands so straight and strong
It’s 3:53 a.m. and nothing feels wrong.

In my “eyeglasses aren’t on” view
I feel the wonder of a child of two.
Only it isn’t Santa I am looking for
But a taste I’ve received of forevermore.

The gifts don’t matter, they’re not for me
I’ve found my peace at another tree.
A tree cut down to be a cross
Where a Savior would die for all the lost.

Where Jesus stretched out His carpenter’s hands
Blinded eyes took a life on skull shaped land.
Two different trees destined for two separate roles
Each share a part in reaching my soul.

The first shares the glory of Jesus’ birth
Celebration of His coming to earth.
Dressed with symbols of peace and love
Encourages my heart with the Spirit from above.

The second the sacrifice He’d come to be
Initial pain, sorrow and cruelty
Three days later the tide for all men ebbed
Jesus rose alive Death couldn’t keep the dead.

Come to the Christmas tree to celebrate
The joy and wonder of our Savior’s birth
Then kneel at His feet at the cross
Hold onto to Jesus now at all cost.

Falling asleep Christmas lights dance in my eyes
The joy in this season can’t be disguised.
Thank you God for enlightening my soul
Thank you God for being worth more than gold.
d.f.a.v. 12/14/14



When we see ourselves–
Really, truly, see ourselves–
Not in a mirror,
Or a calm lakes expression,
Or a polished bit of chrome,
But when we SEE ourselves
Really, truly SEE ourselves
It can make us want to run away.

When we see the cost–
The price others have paid–
Not in currency,
Or in silver or gold,
Or in stocks and special bonds
When we SEE the cost
Really, truly SEE the cost
It can make us want to hide away.

When we see ourselves–
Really, truly see the price–
When our choice to give in,
Or call it truthfully, sin
Or name the wrong specifically
When we SEE ourselves–
Really, truly SEE the cost
Does it not bring us deep shame?

When we see ourselves–
In the eyes of a child forgotten–
The pain of a shattered heart–
The mirror of God’s Holy Word–
The price paid in human flesh
When we SEE ourselves
Really truly, SEE the cost
Do we see our pleasure wasn’t worth the bill?

When we see ourselves–
Really, truly, see ourselves–
Not just our faces reflection,
Or an image in a photograph,
Or a glimpse in shiny steel,
But when we SEE ourselves
Really, at last, SEE ourselves
Will we humble ourselves and pray?

When we see ourselves–
Really, truly, see ourselves–
Will we love in action and deed
Bind the wounds
Make the apologies?
Really, truly, SEE OURSELVES
It’s those we wounded whose forgiveness sets us free.

When Jesus died
For humanity was crucified–
For mankind’s redemption–
For each and everyone–
For each and every sin–
He saw who we REALLY ARE
And paid the cost anyway.

When we see ourselves
Really, truly see ourselves
The devastation we caused–
In the lives of ones we loved–
In the lives of none we’ve met–
Really, truly SEE OURSELVES</em
For those few moments in time.

When we see ourselves–
Really. truly. see ourselves–
And know the price was Jesus’ blood–
The cost our sin was for Him–
The pound of flesh for us He gave then died–
Really, truly, SEE OURSELVES
We will know ourselves as does He.

When we see ourselves–
Really truly see ourselves–
It is no reflection–
It is no image issues–
It is no make-believe–
When we see ourselves in other’s eyes–
Really. truly see ourselves-
We touch the hand of God.