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Cottage-by-the-Sea, #34, 11/20/15


Much to be grateful for, starting off with You,
For everything You are,  and everything You do.
The times that I have plans of how my life should go,
And patiently You show me why You must tell me no.
My husband’s love which he has remained true to,
Faithful to me, home and thankfully Lord, You.
Our fourteen-year-old so close to flying away from home,
Who needs me still to be not her friend, but her mom.
A church family with arms open wide,
Who always care I’m stuck here inside.
I’m grateful for the food we have to eat,
The laughter and love where our hearts meet.
There’s my extended family who love me through it all,
My Hospice Angels who bless me when their steps strike the hall.
You,  O Lord,  the I Am I’m grateful for even when life sinks,
Because You, Lord Almighty never let Hope even blink.
For the lessons tough to learn for me,
You’ve been a teacher who helped me see.
And when I only gave to say I had,
You reminded me how that made You sad.
Thank You Abba Father,  for everything.
Thank You Abba Father, for everything.
I thank You,                          dfav 11/20/15