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Cottage-by-the-Sea, #4, 2/23/2017

The moon hangs low over the sea tonight.
The stars burn bright though lesser light.
If I could but walk the moonlit path,
Would I walk to You upon the silver lined bath?

The sea laps a rhythm against the sand.
The edges blurred between sea and land.
If I could swim amongst the darkest waves,
Would I swim to You along moon lit pave?

The wind lifts air and twirls it round and round.
The currents playful and blustery hitting ground.
If I could take the wind and fly over sea,
Would I fly straight to You when of this world free?

The sand beneath my wheelchair wheels is packed.
The sand damp and cool where to sea is backed.
If I could count each grain until the end,
It couldn’t be better than having You as God and friend.

The creation You designed before me spreads.
The creation calls me and to You I’ve fled.
How could I be here before Your creation grand,
And fail to recognize You and the work of Your hands.
        dfav 2/22/17


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #3, 2/16/16


Abba Father :
Should I swim to Your presence like a moth to the light,
If I could throw myself down in the waves of Your right,
Float endlessly in the power of Your sight,
Should I be consumed by Your holiness, refined into gold,
Be stronger than Samson in Your prescribed mold,
Have all understanding far more than I’ve ever been told,
If my heart loved with Your love forever to be,
My eyes see what Your’s see beyond the wings of a bee,
My complete being looking at the world from Your sea’s…
It’s not enough–
Not nearly enough—
No—no not close to enough,
To You for my soul to be at peace—
Here on this earth—
Only when I’m home.
                           dfav 2/16/16

Cottage-by-the-Sea #31


Abba Father,
The sun has yet to rise,
No lightening off the far horizon,
And I’m here—
Sitting by the dark Sea,
Waves black froth tipped lace,
Delicate touch–
Heavier my heart than my need,
For rest or sleep or relief,
Pain and anger—
There’s not enough water,
To wash away my fears or tears,
Or life’s stains—
My soul cries out “Abba Father! “,
You hear me, I know,
I wait for You—
Waves cover.
Cold, dark and wet they pull,
Moving me deeper into the Sea,
I am going under—
Your hand.
Plucks me out of danger quick,
Settles me inside drying,
Assuring but stern—
I know better.
To give Evil such opportunity,
To feed my fears and doubts,
You’re stronger in me—
I must ask.
And I lay my head in Your lap,
Sobbing in frustration and grief,
Wearied by the world—
I’m spent.
Here in the Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Again You school me on,
Running the race—
With hope.
We all get tired and worn,
The best among us fail,
When we try alone—
To win.
Thank You for rescuing me,
For forgiveness and hope,
Love always there—
            dfav 10/27/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea #25 9/23/15


Abba Father:
Before the sun rose this morning, I did.
Getting as close to the water’s edge as I could get,
My chair goes, pushed, with such ease.
Watching as a hint of color tints the horizon,
Deep desire to be close enough to the sea I’m wet.
My soul opens up, seeking You as You please.
There’s no where I can be hid,
Even if that’s what I sought, but, it isn’t.

You have swiped Your hand, across the sky.
Your painters palate beautifully displayed,
My heart does what my feet cannot,
Gliding on a path of reflected hues,
I find myself a part of the wonder arrayed,
Praise You, Abba, Your daughter is not forgot,
Although I will always wonder why.
You love someone like me.

Oh, what joy in my heart unfolds and grows,
Becoming one with the beauty You created,
Who has pushed me here to acknowledge You, Creator?
I couldn’t before, nor do I now.
My heart never again can forget such love displayed.
Let Your love shine in, silence the haters.
For in this sunrise love is all it knows.
I praise You, Lord, for reminding me.

Oh, praise You, Lord, the I Am!
Praise You, Abba, the Healer.
Praise You, Almighty, forever and ever.
Praise You, My Shepherd, for Your guidance.
Praise You, Sweet Savior, Lord of all, forever.
Praise You, Master, help me forsake You never.
Praise You, O Holy One, the Gentle Lamb.
Praise You for Your love, mercy and grace.
        dfav 9/23/15

Cottage by the Sea at 12:52 a.m.

Abba Father,
Let my heart’s voice join nature’s
     Let there be praise-
     Let there be worship-
     Let there be prayer-
Accept from this creature
     All that she has
     All that she is
     All You made her to be.
Abba, I am hurting greatly-
     I wrestle with hating the pain
     I fight not to despise the chair
     I loathe the limitations.
My dreams mock me silently-
     This half life isn’t enough
     This foot on my neck chafing
     This limbo living annoying
Never did this existence occur to me
     Should I have said no
     Taken my chance on dying
     Rather than a mutilated existence?
What road signs did I fail to see
     Or is there a greater point
     A true kingdom reason
     This is my path?
O Mighty God here am I
     Reveal Yourself thoroughly
     Share my burden please
     Set my feet toward you.
I know I am always in Your eyes
     Remind me every time I falter
     Remind me each time I fall
     Remind me I do not walk alone.
               d.f.a.v. 3/27/14
Always in prayer,