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The Light on the Horizon

The Light is alive,
Eyes scan the horizon
Somewhere it is there,
The gleam of everything
Your heart needs to care..
In the span of nothingness behind you,
You can feel it more than see
All the hurt, pain, and shame,
To the left, to the right and ahead
Heavy fog moans your name…
Then as you pose to go,
It breaks the darkened sky
It shoots out like a giant blaze,
Piercing and silencing all but this
As if it's brighter than the suns rays,
"Come home!"
Then your speed increases,
As you run to the hope ahead
'Til you are faster than wind,
The light gets brighter
From the love of your friend…
There in the light you see,
Our precious Lord so loved
The Jesus of old Calvery,
His body has left the tomb,
Alive triumphth over ancient rilvery…
There's a light on the horizon,
Eyes of faith and hope can see
Though covered by intentional lies,
Lies of the evil one, traps of ego and pride
Liars you believed now wither and die…
Choose today who you will serve,
God or concoctions man theorized,
Here, now, trust or let your life dive,
Will you trust your heart and soul
You have the chance to live to be alive…
There's a light on your horizon,
For eyes to open wide,
Faith will help you to see,
Just one move toward it
Will carry you all the way, just believe…
Jesus is Alive!


Cottage by the Sea 4:55 a.m.



Abba Father,

Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

The seas waves were violently rolling

Shoreline brave as it receives its beating

Thunderous dark clouds are hovering

Is it over yet? Safe to head for shore?

Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

These cottage walls have moaned

The roof has swayed and buckled

Lights have fled deck surely splintered

Is it over yet? Safe to rise?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

It was frightening and powerful

Tearing down and createful

Raging until it had blown its full

Is it over yet? Is it safe to go see?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

But I know just beyond this darkness

In the face of its destructiveness

There is mercy in its restlessness

Is it over yet? Safe to gather evidence?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Trees are twisted some uprooted

Piers still standing some disappeared

Shoreline even appears to be shifted

Is it over yet? Safe to examine now?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Landmarks of my journey though unaltered

Present what it is but strangely untangled

The future path now seems unearthed

Is it over yet? Safe to regroup?


Quite a storm, quite a storm Lord

Yet I know there is no need for fear

No place for whining or pity tears

Eyes focused on You ears tuned to hear

It is over. Safe to move on.

    d.f.a.v. 4/1/2014

Let it be,