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I Will Testify


What on earth am I leaving behind, God?
What will say, “I was here. I existed.”?
Here fell my tears,
These were my fears?

Will it be a cold granite tombstone?
Eventually visited by few, then by none?
A marker, not a song.
A grave, for how long?

Wanted to do something meaningful, Lord.
Write the great American novel.
Testify to Your existence.
Champion Your persistence.

Here I am Lord, nearing the end.
All I have is You who I cling to without apology.
You’re my meaning.
You’re my very being.

The veil between Heaven and Earth,
It’s thinner, finer, more delicate than we realize.
Walk me on, Lord.
To the crosswalk of this world.

If I leave nothing else to mark my life.
Nothing else to express who I was.
Let it be Your example.
Let it be a living sample.
           d.f.a.v. 3/19/15

A Prayer


Abba Father:
Many things whirling in my mind
This heart is heavy with its load
So many things I’m wondering
Things unspoken and things told.
In this swirling madness
Let me cling to only You
The rock of my salvation
The God that I pursue.
-d.f.a.v. 9/5/13


Poem and photograph original to author/photographer, all rights reserved, not to be reused without permission.