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Cottage by the Sea #14 5/13/15


Abba Father :
The Sea and I awoke this morn,
When the dark began to wane.
The sea itself seemed to hold its breath,
How gallant marches it’s waves,
It surveyed the treasures on shore,
It knew nonetheless it’s spiritual gain.

When from my view upon the deck,
I drank in the first lighten wave,
As the sky burst forth a rosy glow,
Lifting shadows with its light,
True devastation met my sight,
Lost homes, lost lives, crumbled cliffs,
What of this place, Lord did You save?

I image turning to find our cottage roof gone,
Plywood from windows ripped and torn,
Perhaps the foundation washing away,
The driveway out front a sinking hole,
A total loss I somehow missed,
Within me a gentle voice says, you were not alone.

My eyes drank in our Cottage basically unscathed,
And I wonder how this could be?
Struck head-on by nature’s fury,
Devastation literally all around me now,
Our Cottage shines like a miracle bestowed,
A beacon of hope beneath my feet for me.

Like our lives struck head-on by disease,
Like families torn apart from lies and sins,
Like marriages crumbled with infidelity,
Like lives ripped off foundations, weaknesses exposed,
What looked so fine from the outside,
Foundations couldn’t hold when the storm roared in.

God, You sat here with me through the night,
Offering hope if I would but reach to You,
Though I felt weak and tired, half-alive,
You shone a thin sliver of light,
And held me as I yielded myself to Your love,
Exactly what You’ve taught me to do, I do.

Storms of life can wipe out our world,
Coughing tidbits of others lives into yours,
But the anchor will grip if God sets it,
The Cornerstone will remain unmoved,
Faith well established can stand the test,
Hope remains if Christ is your core.
      …d.f.a.v. 5/12/15

Secret Sins

O mankind what woe was done,
Against My daughter, against My son?
Whose innocence cries from whence its gone?
The purity of My precious ones.

How evil are the deeds that dark hath covered!
Know you not I could see them as committed?
I am the Light but not what you wanted
For your hearts are by sins ruined.

Do not think to you this doth not apply,
As if my grace and mercy are your alibi, You too have your secret sins reply
When My Light to you doth cry.

The time drew near and hath arrived
To bring to Light what some have tried
To lock away and think My Light you mocked
Did you forget I will not be rocked?

Exposed with the secret sins you kept
It is a blinded spotlight with which you’re swept.
To the Light it matters not what pleas you’ve now wept
Your decision stays where you hath leapt.

But even though your sin is grave
Exposed now to it you no longer must slave
Turn to me with repentant heart and I will save
Consequences yes but with Me face them brave.

To those who think they hath escaped
Your sins slink on in places shadowed,
My cleansing comes to not be silenced
Come forth now for you will be exposed.

Do not judge these ones caught in their sins
The judgment game you will never win.
Pray now earnestly on your knees and then
Confess, repent, face what might have been.

A spiritual cleansing across this land
In little places, lavish and desert sands
My Spirit will move in warrior bands
Showing the world the stains upon your hands.

Will you my people return to me?
For ’tis only I who can set you free.
Expose your deepest crags before the tree
For the day does approach when all can see.
              d.f.a.v. 2/23/15