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Trust in You

Help me trust you God, I don't want to falter.
Though circumstances are grim and discouraging
Evil must not win, help me be encouraging.
Help me trust you God, I don't want to falter.

Let your love for all humanity be mine, may I choose to love.
Even in the midst of the world filled with hate,
I choose your love may it not be late,
Let your love for all humanity be mine, may I choose to love.

Set me firmly on Your path, I believe in Your way.
As even basic decency is lost in this place,
Strengthen me for Your pace,
Set me firmly on Your path, I believe in Your way.

O God, may I be found as true, faithful to You.
May I know when and how to fight for Your way,
Being sure if I have anger it is righteous each day,
O God, may I be found as true, faithful to You.

Father, may my heart always believe in You first.
Even as it appears evil is winning after all,
Remind me of Your plan since Adam and Eve's fall,
Father, may my heart always believe in You first.


The Light on the Horizon

The Light is alive,
Eyes scan the horizon
Somewhere it is there,
The gleam of everything
Your heart needs to care..
In the span of nothingness behind you,
You can feel it more than see
All the hurt, pain, and shame,
To the left, to the right and ahead
Heavy fog moans your name…
Then as you pose to go,
It breaks the darkened sky
It shoots out like a giant blaze,
Piercing and silencing all but this
As if it's brighter than the suns rays,
"Come home!"
Then your speed increases,
As you run to the hope ahead
'Til you are faster than wind,
The light gets brighter
From the love of your friend…
There in the light you see,
Our precious Lord so loved
The Jesus of old Calvery,
His body has left the tomb,
Alive triumphth over ancient rilvery…
There's a light on the horizon,
Eyes of faith and hope can see
Though covered by intentional lies,
Lies of the evil one, traps of ego and pride
Liars you believed now wither and die…
Choose today who you will serve,
God or concoctions man theorized,
Here, now, trust or let your life dive,
Will you trust your heart and soul
You have the chance to live to be alive…
There's a light on your horizon,
For eyes to open wide,
Faith will help you to see,
Just one move toward it
Will carry you all the way, just believe…
Jesus is Alive!


Light and Voice


No light.
No sound.
No aromas.
No reflections.

A pinpoint of light appears.
A guiet voice says, “Come here. ”
Light in dark so bright.
You focus on that illumination.

Light glows.
Voice comforts.
Steps sure.
Your choice.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Have seen you past evil’s tests.
Be welcomed home.
They’ve been your light and voice.
                         dfav 1/17/16

In the Beginning


Nothingness became,
Pristine perfection,
Supreme expressions,
Of the Holy Trinity.
Man created from earth,
Woman fashioned from Man,
No toiling labor,
And God walked with them,
In the cool of the evening,
And they were satisfied.
Until Satan tested them,
And Eve tasted as did Adam.
They failed.
Sin entered the world,
Lost paradise some say,
God though was prepared,
He already had a way,
This time we had to but choose it.
To gain entrance into Home,
Where we already belong.
                           dfav 01/12/16


Sweet, salty?
Tangy, smooth?
Hot, mild?

Will you?
Marry, be single?
Go, stay?
Walk, run?
Laugh, cry?

Can you?
Drive, walk?
Sleep, wake?
Play, work?
Eat, talk?

What will make you happy?
What will steal your joy?
What are your dreams?
What about heaven?
What about hell?

Life destination?
You choose.
Yes to heaven, no to hell?
Or vice versa?
No to Jesus?
Yes to Satan?

God gives us—
You choose.
                     d.f.a.v.   5/5/15

The Choice is Ours


Everyone’s faith is their own
We can be wise or naive
Misplace our trust
Ruin our intentions…
The choice is ours…

Everyone’s journey belongs to them
We all slug through valleys
Celebrate on mountain tops
Views of each leg of it few…
The choice is ours…

Everyone for themselves must decide
We believe Christ is Christ
Our Savior and Our Lord
Whose sacrifice from sin sets us free or not…
The choice is ours…

Everyone gets the opportunity
We all can say yes
We all can say no
We all must bear the consequences…
The choice is ours…

Not everyone will make the right choice
For some it’s hard to imagine saying no
For others to say yes they can’t do
Some thing, someone stands in the way…
But, the choice is ours.
             d.f.a.v. 10 / 7 / 14

Restaurant Life

If life were a restaurant

Could we dine á la carte?

Would we receive menus

To choose as we like?

Not very hungry to experience it all

Could we order an appetizer?

A few small experiences

Without truly committing or

Awaken a hunger for more?

Or is life something lived

Without fears or tears?

Can we choose easy paths only

Or to prove ourselves tough?

To live life in poverty or in wealth?

To always have poor or good health?

Can we choose our ancestors?

Or exchange our DNA?

Choose to start simple

Or in any way we would like?

Can we decide on the way

Life will test us or leave us alone?

Or the tests, dates, or courses?

In silence or song?

Is there a list of sides

From which we can choose?

Do we get to pick one or two?

Here would we have opportunity

To be bold or be safe?

Spicy or hot down to mild?

To know what’s behind

Choice one, two or three?

Will the chef be to our liking

Will they be professionally trained?

Or someone to who

It’s only a job?

The ingredients will they be fresh?

Or will we wonder about the dish?

Can we order the destination

Where each choice will lead us

The mountains to climb or

Or the valley’s situations?

Life’s not without choices

We can choose wisely or rash.

Much about life can’t be decided

Or bought regardless of cash.

Sure some things we can choose

But some things we can’t

One thing for certain

There are results we can’t pick.

Consequences or the after effects

But one thing we can choose

And that is to say yes to Christ

Then we can choose everyday

To let Him set the course

And know with His picks

Even the most dismal of meals

He can make brilliant in time

From the worst of the worst.

    d.f.a.v. 9/8/14


Round Seeds in Square Fields


Most things, at least some things, in life

    You don’t get to choose –

    Your birthday,

    Your gender,

    Your death day,

    Or your DNA.

Though man has decided

    To engineer such things

    Then they decide your birthday,

    Then they decide your gender,

    Then they decide your death day,

    Even your “perfect DNA”.

So, some things in life

    You don’t get to choose.


Sometimes there’s even more

    Beyond your initial control

    Like your family,

    Like your wealth,

    Like your eye color,

    Or like your hometown.

Many times your parents

    Didn’t get the choice either

    Of vocation,

    Of education,

    Of hometown,

    Or parental family.

So lots of round seeds get planted

    In square fields.


One thing in life

    Is always your choice

    Accept yourself,

    Accept your good & bad,

    Accept Jesus’,

    And follow Him on.

Then things in life

    The important things you find

    Like sprouting,

    Like becoming,

    Like growing,

    Beyond square fields expectations.

So if you’re a round seed

    Planted in a square field

    My best advice?

    Choose Jesus,

    Let His plan

    Determine your bloom

        In the world’s square fields.

            d.f.a.v. 6-10-14

Jeremiah 29:11,

Regardless of your seed shape,

Regardless of your field shape!


Stormy Weather


It is storming here in the part of Alabama that I live.  Rain is coming down in sheets, lightening strikes all around and thunder booms.  Perfect day for indoor projects.  Only my plans were to drive an hour into the” city” to have lunch with my old boss.

I made the drive hundreds of times when I was able to work, in worse weather than this, because I was obligated.  It wasn’t a choice not to go if I wanted to prove my handicap didn’t stop me from working.  Today I have the option to say, “Let’s do this another day”!

I am choosing to not get soaked getting in and out of my car.  I am choosing not to have my wheelchair get soaked.  I am choosing not to have my niece who would help me get soaked.  I am also choosing to continue my hermit like conditions a little longer. 

Strange in that these are not the same choices I would have made a year ago.  When who I was and my value as a person was so wrapped up in what I did for a living.   So much so that being forced into disability retirement sent me reeling into major depression.

Life is this way.  We don’t get to choose the weather, the circumstances, and the conditions life gives us.  We do get to choose how we respond.  I took losing my job hard.  I forgot there were choices I could still make.  One of those was to cling more tightly to Jesus.  He had mercy upon me though and He held me when I forgot to hold onto Him.  Gradually I learned,  all over again, a wiser way to make choices.

Today I am choosing to cling and choose more wisely the actions I take.  It’s still storming outside, and inside my heart as well, but my eyes are on the Light that is the same arms that are holding me in the storm.

How are you riding out your life storms?