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Running to You

Seems like the world is closing in,

Not sure what or who is wrong this time,

Not sure of who should win,

Or if there’s a winning side at all.

I will be running, running to You.

But, this I am confident is true,

When Jesus splits the eastern sky,

This daughter will be running to You,

I will run to You, I will run to You.

I will be the one running to You.

After years of wondering what I should do,

Every second it takes me to get there,

Is one less to spend with You,

I will be the one running with a smile on my face.

I will be the one running, running to You.

There will be skid marks where I slide,

When I reach the point before Your throne,

Throwing my arms up, my heart open wide,

Holy tears will flow down my cheeks,

I will have been running, running to You.

To worship, adore You and praise You too.

Yes, I will be the one running fast as I can,

How long I have hungered for this time You are due,

I will be running to You despite one leg being gone.

Yes, I will be running, running to You.



Brilliant Links

Brilliant jewels,
Sculpted to be,
Links in a chain,
To ensnare me.
Though brilliant,
Where encircled,
The heart,
It’s rotted it,
Decaying it,
Sickening to see.

Peer closely,
Amongst the jewels,
Silver lock,
Cooly cruel.
There’s a key,
In the shape,
Of a cross,
All isn’t lost
He paid the cost.
Let Him rule.
            dfav 9/19/16