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Three Holes on a Hillside

There are three deep holes on the hillside,
The one they call Calvary.
Just wide enough and deep enough,
To have held the lower portion of a rough hewn tree,
For criminals crosses to fall down in,
When their sentence passed of guilty.

There were three holes in the hillside,
The one they called Calvary,
I thank God for those three holes
Mainly for the one for the middle tree,
From which Jesus died of His own free will,
For the eternal reconciliation* bought on Calvary’s hill.
                 dfav 10/5/16
*”For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16. N.I.V.


Paid in Full (or Payment Due II)


Counted lost,
Hopeless lost,
Offended everyone,
Alienated all,
Hurting people,
Destroying things,
Marriage shredded,
Kids traumatized.
Darkness wins,
Pay now for sins.

This evilness,
This darkness,
Has crushed you.
To point of death,
Leaves aware.
To late pay now!
You isolated self,
No help to come,
Dark laughs.
You call one name,
Name of Names.

You feel it,
Welcome it,
Slight lightening.
You confess,
Calvary seen,
Dying Christ,
You weep,
Secrets flee,
Empty tomb,
Christ won,
Light is Son.

Darkness fled,
Spirit lead,
You called to God.
His love,
His sacrifice,
Melts dark away,
Frees your soul,
Redeems your eternity,
Your sin debt,
“Paid in full! ”
“Paid in full! ”
         dfav 9/10/15

It’s Friday!


On Friday —

Unjustly accused.
Unfairly judged.
Undoubtedly loving.
Undauntedly promising.


Not murdered, He gave.
Not forced, He gave.
Not destroyed, He gave.
Not defeated, He gave.

It’s Friday,
Not Sunday.
Friday’s defeat,
Sunday’s heartbeat.

Victory’s coming.
          d.f.a.v.  4/2/15