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A New Earth

Today’s photo was taken by Gerlene Branham and used by permission. All rights reserved by photographer.

Do you have a “Bucket List”?
Things you’d like to do,
Places you’d like to visit,
Adventures you’d like to try?
I did, then I saw a preview of New Earth,
And it changed my mind about my list.

Do you have a “Bucket List”?
Conversations you’d want to have?
Songs you want to play and sing?
Silences you’d like to share?
I did, then I learned about Heaven,
And I realized they could all be real still.

This life changed my “Bucket List”
To accommodate my physical limits.
But, what if on the New Earth I can do anything?
Handglide, skydive, swim?
Visit the New Jerusalem and Christ?
What if I can climb rocks at Cades Cove?

Who says I can’t on the New Earth,
Do all these things and more?
Writers block gone, creative juice flowing.
Best of all, imagine, conversations with God!
And He does show me all the whys,
And our love is stronger for the journey Home?

My Bucket List in light of all this?
Stay the course, finish my race, love humanity.
Allow God use of the talents I have.
Make it home to hear, “Well done”.
Quite the list for an amputee with Lymphedema.
Still learning about Heaven and the New Earth.

Don’t you think?
d.f.a.v. 7/13/15

One Day

One day,
When I have time, I will—
Learn to totally enjoy cooking,
With fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits,
And all those unusual foods I see at the grocers.
Now I’ve watched enough Food Network,
I’m overwhelmed with urgency to fulfill this dream.
But, I can’t.
I didn’t count on one day being consumed by disease.

One day,
When there’s no time clock to punch—
I’ll let the creative, artistic side of me,
Rule my days and nights.
I’ll draw and paint and create as the mood strikes,
With no thought to the clock or calendar,
Or paint stains on my hands and clothes.
But, I can’t.
I never counted on my body giving out like this.

One day,
When I won’t have a “to do” list of must-be-done’s—
The Bible will be easier to sit and absorb,
Every day I can give it my complete attention.
Stop to see what the original language meant,
Understand who was who beyond the Bible’s pages,
The day-to-day of when it was written.
Only now I can’t—
Medication has muddied up my mind.

One day,
We dreamed of traveling—
A cruise to Alaska and on a Disney ship.
We’d go across country in an R.V.
See plays on Broadway and visit D.C.
My hubby and I would be grandparents together,
Embarrass our daughter renewing our vows after 50 years.
Only one day is lost—
Because I won’t live that long.

I look back and understand —
That time doesn’t wait for us,
It passes whether we use it wisely now or waste it.
But, I took care of eternal business,
God and I know where my eternal home is.
I have loved my family as best I could.
My one day—
Is the one in which I pen this, and I am still alive.
d.f.a.v. 5/3/15