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Today’s Blessings

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

Blessings pop like quick raindrops

Upon our thristy lives

For without You Lord, I can’t imagine

How we would even survive.

Though what we deserve

For the way we live and act

Is condemnation and judgment

Your blessings flow despite that.

Mercy washes like a flood

Soaking us in Your grace

Forgiveness, reconciliation are ours

For Christ died in our place.

Thank You Lord, for the blessings

For the grace, mercy and love

Open my heart so these I return

To those here and You above.



Unexpected Blessings


God blessed me yesterday
In quite the unexpected way
In a way I did not pray
Except meet my needs today.

Often when I go to Him
What I know is very slim
Like diving off and I can’t swim
I trust in God not my whims.

When the pain is very deep
Or the road is rough and steep
A promise made they cannot keep
Tears withheld for I cannot weep.

Undeserved and far from just
He graces me with His trust
Answers prayers in joyful busts
Gives me treasure that cannot rust.

Today a physical blessing did arrive
Tomorrow’s answer will surely thrive
Blessings for which I haven’t strived
That come from the God so alive.

Unexpected answers sweet and true
Thank You Abba for all You do
The answer today a message from You
Your gift every morning is mercy new.
          d.f.a.v. 7-8-14