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Beyond the Appearance


How easy some make it look-
Denying self,
Others first,
Jesus always,
Absolute opposite of human nature.
Yet they make it look simple-
Relinquishing control,
Letting go,
Total devotion,
Things I need to feel confident.
Others may it seem to be a breeze-
Sail rough seas,
Weather any storm,
Survive the worse–
How, how, how do they do it?
When I struggle every single day-
To serve willingly,
To walk faithfully,
To love unconditionally–
We all are imperfect humanity
Not clones,
Nor will less creatures,
Not angels,
We are too made in His image.
The people who seem so cool,
So together,
So hip,
So perfect,
Is it merely just a mask they wear?
Only they know I cannot say
Not my call,
Not my walk,
Not my decision,
Between them and God not me.
Surface appearances are misread,
Scars don’t show
Wounds invisible
Struggles unknown
It’s not easy for any of us-
We just try to walk our walk
In truth,
God didn’t promise any other way.
                 d.f.a.v. 10/30/13