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And Now—


We’ve prayed.
We believe in You.
We have faith,
In a God so true.
We’ve done all,
Laid on our hearts.
We’re truly willing,
To do our parts.
Its a miracle now,
Lord, for which we wait.
We trust You’ll provide,
On time, never late.
We’ll keep praying,
Our belief in You,
We’ll keep the faith,
You’ll see us through.
             dfav 10/23/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea #27 10/8/15


Abba Father:

Here I am,  O precious Lord,
O Mighty King, of land and sea,
My shelter in life’s roughest storm,
Abba Father, do you hear me?

Today I got here quick as I can,
My prayer home, where I need to be,
Drawn as always to seas edge,
Lord,  it’s me,  do You see me?

Troubles, hardships of my own,
It’s one thing Abba, to face adversity,
This Father, the worse train wreck of all,
When someone you love faces tragedy.

All lives entwined in a snarly knot,
The aftermath, bared, they can’t flee,
Only a veil of privacy ‘tween us and them.
Sweet Lord Jesus, can this be? 

Since moment one I’ve refused all bad,
Only believed a miracle we’d see,
But, it matters not what I want,
It’s this young believer’s that stabs at me.

I sit here, tears streaming into sea winds,
Begging,  pleading for a miracle to be,
I feel so small, so helpless, so insignificant,
Abba, what do You hear, what do You see?

Do You see this pure trust from this girl?
Is it triumphed by shadows of anger and more?
Does it black out the faith of her belief? 
We’ve arrived at this front door.

You welcome us and we sit to talk,
Our spirits here in our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
In our place of many weathered hurricanes,
Where I know You know this girl and me.

Hear our prayers, Hear our pleas,
Answer quickly,  Jehovah-Rapha,
                        dfav  10/8/15

Cottage by the Sea #6 – 3/6/15


Abba Father;
The evidence
Of its existence
But for squishy soil
Drying decks
And piers.

The hours
The powers
Of relentless freezing
Rain and
Frigid winds.

The evidence
Of its existence
But for squishy soil
Drying decks
And piers.

Hangs on
Through the dawn
Is my faith
That little or
Unbelief that strong?

Help my unbelief
So my belief
Then becomes
All that stronger
For next time.

Hangs on
Through the dawn
Is my faith
That little or
My unbelief that strong?
               d.f.a.v. 3/6/15



Believe I love you…
Will never hurt you…
Believe I believe in you…
And your goals…
And your abilities…
And your heart…
You can trust me…
You can believe in me.

I believed those words once
Believed I was loved
He would never hurt me
He was my loudest cheerleader
My perfect match…
Problem is believing
Doesn’t make it so.
And when he turned
I was devastated.
And I lost my belief.

Believing in God can be harder
But it can also be the best.
Nothing is harder than…
Believing what You can’t see…

d.f.a.v. 12/2/14