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Southern Fall

The last rose shivers on rose bush row,
Ivy green clings bravely to the vine,

The newborn tippity-tap of babies toes

Are now the sure footed steps of the grown.  

The swallows flew south this morning,

The Canadian geese pass overhead,

Animals who burrow in tree and ground

Are lining nests and making their beds.  

Lacy canopies of russet and gold,

Line the bridle paths winding below,

Leaves dance in breeze blown cold

Twirling, swirling red, gold and orange.  

Sunrise glitters on frosted ground,

Fall in the South shows off so well

Like lovely ladies determined to impress.

Though sundown brings a deeper chill.

Mums hold aloft petaled heads,

Pansies wink their purple eyes,

Shrubbery stands erect in flower beds,

Heralds that the summer’s done.  

Stews and soups bubble on the stove,

Families gather in their cozy lairs,

In the orchards and the groves,

Pickers pluck apple trees completely bare.  

Hayrides delight the young and old,

No better season of life I know,

A time when the air seems so bold

Fall falls gracefully on my Southern home.    

       -d.f.a.v. 11/11/12

Enjoy your fall season!


Originally published here 11/11/12.