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What Message is Getting Through

Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

There is deafening noise all around,
You cannot escape it wherever you are bound.
A violent roar angry, loud and explosive,
So loud, oh so loud, it turns into a weapon so corrosive.
Noise so big, so loud, so hot and molten,
Your message is lost to all, dispelled, no longer golden.

There is violence in the streets below.
People breaking in, as people once friends turn to foes.
Glass shatters, bricks explode, fire flames and licks,
The guilty or innocent such destruction has no pick.
Businesses, homes, people damaged or wiped away,
Taken out by waves of fury again today.

There are tidal waves of age old lies,
How many deaths will be enough to die?
Leaders so corrupted they cannot smell their stench,
Plans roll out to which they've plied their wrench.
This has nothing to do with "we the people",
Much to do with the torn down steeple.

No longer can I hear the message,
No longer can I read the passage,
No longer can I find reason for sanity,
No longer do I see any recognization of dignity.
The locusts have passed again and again,
I cannot hear through their violent, wicked din.

There is one promise to which I cling,
One taste of tomorrow despite todays sting.
Jesus came and died, He the only perfect One,
He rose from death His victory won.
He is returning, He is coming back,
In Him alone resides all the understanding we lack.

Until then though I struggle to hear your voice,
Do you think there is another sane choice?
This paints a picture of evil reigning,
Of the worst of all humanity demanding,
Their way or no way, life or death,
It seems your intent to steal away our last breath.

There is deafening racket all around,
No escape no matter where you're bound.
A violent roar, angry, loud and explosive,
So loud, oh so loud, it turns into a weapon so corrosive.
Noise so BIG, so LOUD, SO hot, SO molten,
Your message is lost to all, dispelled, no longer golden.


From the Cottage by the Sea 10-31-14


Abba Father,

There’s a storm off the coast

Been brewing there for hours

Winds have been picking up

Seagulls surf on air currents

Fish churn up with the waves

I’ve sat here amazed by Your power.


High tide is rolling in

Waves beat up the shore

Seaweed dances onto rocks

Salt stings my face in the mist

Sand blasts the cottage rocks

Your power shows forever more.


It occurs to me Abba

I’ve brewed off the coast myself

Acting out just like this storm

Flexing my muscles showing out

As if it proves I’m tough

But You know the truth Yourself.


But, how can You expect a thank You?

This life isn’t what I thought I’d lead

No where did I foresee this and

Yes, Lord, I’ve been sad and angry

Like the storm off the coast

What warning didn’t I heed?


Then one thought surfs on in

To thank You in every circumstance

To be content with where and who I am

To be grateful for what I do and don’t have

To pray without ceasing for every need

Then my storm creates a dance.


Thank You Lord for where You’ve led me

For the valleys, the mountains, the waves

Thank You God for the time of struggle

For the darkness and the silence

Thank You Abba Father for teaching me

Surrendering my will is what saves.


Help me move on now Lord

To focus on the sun behind the storm

For life with You as the center

To cling to You while walking free

‘Cause this is how I live for You

And You give me a way to no longer mourn.

    d.f.a.v. 10/30/14