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Trust in You

Help me trust you God, I don't want to falter.
Though circumstances are grim and discouraging
Evil must not win, help me be encouraging.
Help me trust you God, I don't want to falter.

Let your love for all humanity be mine, may I choose to love.
Even in the midst of the world filled with hate,
I choose your love may it not be late,
Let your love for all humanity be mine, may I choose to love.

Set me firmly on Your path, I believe in Your way.
As even basic decency is lost in this place,
Strengthen me for Your pace,
Set me firmly on Your path, I believe in Your way.

O God, may I be found as true, faithful to You.
May I know when and how to fight for Your way,
Being sure if I have anger it is righteous each day,
O God, may I be found as true, faithful to You.

Father, may my heart always believe in You first.
Even as it appears evil is winning after all,
Remind me of Your plan since Adam and Eve's fall,
Father, may my heart always believe in You first.


God. Has. Spoken.

God has spoken.
He was sure.
He was firm.
He spoke softly.
But, God has spoken.

God spoke not audibly.
For everyone to hear.
Everyone to gasp.
He spoke to my heart.
And to me it was audibly.

God. Said. No.
He wasn’t mean.
He wasn’t unkind.
He isn’t playing favorites.
He spoke with love, “No”.

God said no healing.
No miracles.
No reprieve.
No unexpected twist.
In Heaven only will come healing.

God blessed me with Himself.
He lent me strength.
He covered me with grace.
He wiped away my tears.
God revealed to me Himself.

God’s message to you is “Be”.
Be aware He knows tomorrow.
Be sure He covers today.
Be purposeful in your actions.
God wants you to to be.

God’s message to you is “Be”.
Be about the Father’s business,
Be about the Father’s will,
Above all else be okay with His decision,
God. Has. Said. No.

God reminds me we’re all dying.
This doesn’t mean I go sooner.
I just have this disease,
This crazy disorder,
But, we’re all dying.

God has spoken.
He was sure.
He was firm.
He spoke softly.
But, God has spoken.

          dfav 3/8/17


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #35, 11/24/15


Gratitude is an attitude of the heart,
And Lord, my attitude often stinks,
That’s raw and scary but it’s shockingly true.
Way too often I forget to communicate this to You.

You woke me this morning to a new sunrise,
The  air that I breath You did provide.
The strength I move with begins with You.
No more self-pity or whine, time to speak true.

Self-preservation, ego,
Self-value and self-worth
Can give me an attitude,
I’m the better of us both!

But true humbleness and humility,
Will teach me a better way to fly,
And true gratitude with my attitude?
Teaches me a greater truth as mine.

Lord,  please accept my heartfelt praise,
May it glorify Your name,
In all the finest ways,
May it bring the purifying flames.

All the finest blessings,
Come when the road between us is clear,
So see the view from house to shore,
Where no sin interfers.
                   dfav 11/23/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea #19 7/13/15


Abba Father:
People are hurting, Lord.
Real, hard, break-their-heart pains,
That attack & shred their spirits,
Then leave them beaten & used up,
Like used up shells that others,
Other creatures left banged up,
Because it no longer kept,
Off blazing sun and torrential rains.

So many prayer requests, Lord,
Like first time parents and the not even
Quite forty something mom damaged,
So badly in that car accident
A miracle her unborn child survived,
Now she’s fighting for her life back.
And she needs so much help,
Job gone, memory jumbled, disconnected.

A father with oh, so many skin cancers,
They removed most but the others,
Require more intense, deeper surgery
And my friend feels helpless, defeated
Some father’s don’t listen to their children,
It could all be benign or not,
But she’s seriously scared,
And fear makes positives into forgeries.

And I’m praying for them Abba,
As I look out over a black sea,
Remembering each person in prayer.
The moon shines silver and stars seem bright,
My own heart pounds hard, harder,
Even in fresh air I struggle to breathe,
Could this be any worse or easier?

Prayer is literally all I can do.
I can’t heal or choose life or death,
But I can pray, sincerely and carefully,
I can lift up specific needs,
Call out their names to you,
I can pray until You move,
I will seize upon Your throne of grace,
And I can do so respectfully.

Because You are God, the Great Physician,
And here we meet for prayer,
We celebrate our victories,
We rejoice over the lives You touch,
You meet me here where I sit apart,
In or near this Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Praying for people, praying for hearts,
Praying defeats will turn into celebrations.


My Prayer – Jehovah Rapha

Jehovah Rapha, the God who Heals, I prostrate myself before You.  Please hear this prayer I plea.

When the doctors told me that the repeated, ever increasing in severity, infections would end my life quickly, I sought You.  I stood on faith and I agreed to let them amputate my leg.  It was no guarantee but it was the best option.  I am still here.  I never knew such dark days existed but Your strength sustained me.  By Your grace I returned to work.

Then another blood clot and my employer didn’t think I could do my job anymore.  So I sought You and You paved the way to disability.  The days were dark and bitter to taste but I was still here.  You lifted me out of that despair and revived in me old dreams that I had given up for sensible ones.  Your hand sustained me.

Now Lord, it has been six months of weeping amputation and leg.  Six months of busting nodules.  Six months of blood and water.  Six months of being swollen and sore and constant pain.  Six months and exhaustion claims me.  Six months of torment. Six months of decline. Oh these days are dark.  Oh so, so dark. And bitter. Oh, so, so bitter. And cold. Oh, so, so cold.

There is no job to fight for…
There is no purpose for me anymore…
I burden my family and our church…
I have no face-to-face friends…
And Lord I am weary…so weary…

But I have one hope.  I have You.

Lord, I don’t want pity or charity.  I want to be the mom my child needs.  The wife my husband deserves.  I want to cook, plant and harvest.  I want to write.

I ask Jehovah Rapha for healing.  For lymph nodes to open and allow fluid to escape.  My blood to be strengthen.  My body to heal.  Let me touch the hem of Your garment for I BELIEVE, I HAVE FAITH.

The hardest part of this prayer is to also sincerely pray for YOUR WILL not mine.  Whatever Your reply, You will not forsake me.

Less of me, more of You.


Instant Answers?

Have you ever prayed, ever pleaded
With the God Creator of the Universe
For an answer or even a miracle
Just something from Him disbursed?
Perhaps in your darkest hour
When you weren’t even sure He was there
With the last bit of faith within you
Heart, soul and mind laid bare–
And He answered?

Such a plea went up from me
Following sleepless nights
The road before me was forking
And with dawn’s early lights
I saw with all that was logical
I added the benefits up in a row
That there was seemingly but one choice
Even though it was not where I wanted to go–
My prayer?

God if you’re up there listening
And my heart still believes You are
The answer is due at eight Lord
Its so much more than money and a car,
But I’m trapped in this horrible place
No money, no chances, no way
I can’t see any other way out
You have to show me right now today–

Before my purse was in the desk drawer
Into the room I was called
I expected this was the moment
It was down to this after all
God turned everything upside down
Using a man who thought Him a fake
He’d too had a sleeplessness night
God used him to with certainly make–
An answer.

Two hours lapsed between my prayer and then
But I realized in that instant the way
God had been at work all the time
Before I prayed that dawning day
An instant answer to prayer
To a prayer God knew I’d pray
He laid the groundwork without doubt
For my way out that dreadful day.
He answered.

Don’t give up on your miracle
Or think God doesn’t hear or care
He has your answer already prepared
And He will use who or whatever to get it there
With God there is no need for panic
Your answers are there all along
Is He waiting for you to ask Him
For miracle, answer or right a wrong–
He will answer.
d.f.a.v. 10/09/13

Keep praying!

Note: It is my belief God ALWAYS answers prayers. Sometimes He says “Yes”, sometimes He says “No” and sometimes He says, “Wait”!



The first time I heard our daughter call me Mama she was four-years-old.  We were in a local Mexican restaurant and out of the blue she asked me, “Can I tell you what I want Mama?”

When at first I didn’t acknowledge her request or use of “Mama” she piped up asking me hadn’t I heard what she called me?

At that moment in time she was neither legally my child or foster child.  She was my niece left in our care by my husband’s sister who was away at Army bootcamp.  Yet her heart and mine had been uniquely bonded since we first laid eyes on one another and her choice of Mama by which to call me was tempting to approve.  Still I explained she had a Mommy and we needed to talk it over with her to see if it was okay.  Mommy approved.

Later we’d be asked to adopt this mischievous, darling, dark eyed, curly haired darling nearly five-year-old girl and the answer was yes.  Although we prepared for her biological mother to change her mind she held firm in her decision.  Our daughter made us a forever family when a rather friendly judge legally declared us parents.

Our daughter has called me Mama countless times since that first time, every time echoing back to that Mexican restaurant.  Being her Mama is my sweetest joy and most fearful undertaking.

Now eleven, life is speeding to the teen years no braking and both feet on the gas!  Mama has a new tone in it and the first time our daughter remarked that our silliness was embarrassing her my husband and I looked at each other and he said, “Aww Honey we must be doing our job right!”. Which earned us the first official eye-roll.

I had prayed for a child.  There had been three miscarriages and my heart ached with longing.  My prayers were sweetly and generously answered by a very young woman who bravely realized she couldn’t provide what her daughter needed and when she might be was very questionable. 

Somewhere out there she is the mother to two half-siblings to our daughter and lives with our child’s decision to cut ties with her.  Some day we pray that will change but it really is about what is best for our daughter.

I love being a mother.  Regardless of how motherhood descended upon me.

What’s your motherhood story?