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From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #5, 06/01/2021

O Abba!

Gratitude floods this heart!

The door closes behind me as I sink to the floor,

If not for You upholding me every step,

Practically carrying me through the door,

Regardless of the storm, the war raging beyond these walls,

You’ve seen me home Your love rolls forevermore.

Trying to understand the hurt, the pain,

To listen when people try to explain,

The words are like physical artillery

Their power and cunning cannot be contained.

The hatred roaring like the buildings burning,

The violence of man’s heart unrestrained.

I want to hear, I want Your will not mine,

But, in the deafening overpowering rage,

Abba I find it hard to hear the softest voice,

We are all to blame for this situation on this page.

Can we ever unite again as people who believe in You?

What we’re reaping is our rightly due wage.

Peace, peace be still, You said

As the waves threatened to overturn the boat,

Be still and know that I am God

In every niche and corner no matter how remote,

May the first stones thump softly to the ground,

May we give them our coats and cloaks.

Patch me up Dear Abba Father,

Send me not to share more anger and hate,

Instead Your never-ending love and hope.

You have me here for a time it’s not mere fate,

Nothing with You is accidental or confused,

Your ways hold no surprising rate.

Christ gave His life’s blood for our sins,

It was not a question of if but when,

From Adam right until now and beyond,

Man has covered fear and guilt with buzzing din,

Justifications to make wrong seem right,

From beginning until the very end.



It’s Easier

It’s easy to say “I love everyone”,
When the everyone is mostly like you.
But it’s harder to do we’ve discovered,
When the other is nothing like you.
It’s easy to push for equal treatment,
When the fight is for what you believe.
But it’s harder to make sure it happens,
When it’s against all you can achieve.
It’s easy to “live and let live”,
When the living is one of your own.
But it’s harder when what they’re selling,
Threatens to black out what you’ve grown.
It’s easy to applaud the winner,
When the trophy goes to one you gladly claim.
But it’s harder when the winner turns out to be,
One you’d never choose for the fame.
It’s easy to snatch up and go running,
Declaring “this isn’t the way”.
But it’s harder to stay and invest,
When the harvest comes in another day.
It’s easier perhaps, to give up,
When the other side has the win,
But easier may not be the answer,
Considering the shape that we’re in.
So I put my hand to the plow,
And I lift my heart to the Son.
Trusting He will be forever guiding me,
So in the end then He will have won.
         dfav 1/20/17