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There is pain,
Hot rocks left on too long.
Pacing round,
Up and down,
If I can hold out,
It can be days,
Before it subsides,

Yet, I wait.

My precious blessing,
I can see her.
Long, messy curls,
Slow, deep breaths,
Every day I choose,
Take my meds,
Struggling to stay awake,
Reconciling her then,
With her now.

Yet, I wait some more.

I wait until the next,
Dosage time,
Before bath.
Then once alone.
Tears flow,
And no one offers me,
Their hankie,
After all,
I’m alone.

Tears of happiness,
Because we had one more morning.
Tears of regret,
The choices had to even come up.
Tears of bitterness,
Never had a clear, fair shot.
Tears of comfort,
As I pray myself to sleep.

Questions of the Day


if the believers in this world came together
across denominational lines
not seeing color, gender or age
forgetting how its always been done
and that the wheel must always be reinvented
what, with God’s leadership, could be accomplished?

could hunger be eliminated forever,
or world peace become yours and mine
perhaps good will be the last of history’s page
or the world see Jesus in us, knowing God’s Son
perhaps those lost in idol worship be enlightened
or domestic and child abuse be forever erased?

perhaps, if we could surrender one hundred percent
give up all of ourselves to serve His will
then if these accomplishments were His plan
no doubt of the wrongs we His children could help right
or how much nicer this world in which we live
could turn around to be for all humanity.

but if we who claim we love Him can’t reinvent
our walk with Him, our how about others we feel
then who will be Him living here, doing all we can
who will walk to our brothers in darkness with His light
how will the world know what God has to give
to each one of us in our human fragility?

these are my questions today.
                d.f.a.v.  11/23/14