Cottage-by-the-Sea, #11, 7/6/16


Abba Father:

You are the Lord God Almighty, 

Knowing every hair upon my head,

As You know each grain of sand,

Swept to and fro by every wave,

Like every breeze off the ocean grand.

You are my loving Abba, my God.

Praises to You forevermore for who You are.
Security lived in this sweet assurance,

Keeps me content with what I have.

Though the world might mock me,

A life built upon the Rock stands,

For Jesus is the Cornerstone come see,

On sunny days or storms He stays,

There is no God but Him.
Let our ears tune to hear His voice,

The faintest whisper to our hearts,

Focusing hard upon staying true to Him,

So our feet may not falter again,

When life’s sorrows make the Son dim,

His truth is still the absolute,

Hold on until the storm breaks.

                                 dfav 7/6/16


Cottage by the Sea, #10, 6/21/16


Abba Father:
The sun rose this morning,
Peeking over the horizon,
Where sky meets sea,
And I am here again,
Heart and soul free,
To soar on the wings,
Of the Holy Spirit as birds,
In the air.
There is peace.
              dfav 6/21/16

From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #9, 5/2/16


Abba Father,
It was my goal.
My deepest wish.
I believe that I believed,
Like Jesus friends lowered,
Him through the roof top,
If friends and family got me,
Back to the midst of where Jesus,
And His people gathered,
The world would right itself again.

Then like an ocean wave,
Sweeps you off your feet.
You’re sputtering and determined,
Then God You’ve knocked,
The truth right over me,
Said no to me repeatedly,
Truth sat me down respectively,
Though a right thing to have asked,
It wasn’t Your plan for me.

We can pray for a right thing,
Honest reward, someone’s suffering to end,
Mobility to go to His House of Worship,
Healing of a broken hip.
None of these are bad things,
Many such have but joy to bring,
But only if they’re within God’s will.

It’s in God’s will that all be saved,
That know one choose to turn Him away,
But if others can read Jesus in me.
Abba Father may it be what they see.
The same faith that rejoices at God’s yes,
Shelters with You through the storm,
Stands sturdier after adversity,
Whose Belief in God grows in calamity.
Donna. dfav 5/2/16



Satan had me bound,
By chains I couldn’t see,
God’s love made them visible,
And He rescued me.
Rising from the irons,
I knew salvation free,
Thought life perfect now,
Discounted my humanity.
After a while I learned,
Sins chains still threatened me,
They could restrain me falsely,
Without the Holy Trinity.
Throughout each day,
God must help me be,
A sinner saved by grace,
That He has forever freed.
                      dfav 4/6/16
— Donna

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #8, 4/5/16


Abba Father:
You are the Lord, God Almighty,
The Author and Creator of life,
Even if the circumstances are horrible,
You are now and will always be,
The I Am, our Provider, a Father most kind.

I tried to remember that as I’ve laid here,
In great pain and endure and wait.
For three very long weeks,
Capped by three very long nights.
And I thought I’d lost my mind.

Then I heard Your voice in the waves,
So I called back, “Here I am”,
The sands multiplied Your presence,
The thunder shook the Seaside,
Lightning zipped storm to land to find.

The Cottage filled with Your Spirit,
Ideas were written on my heart,
One by one they made it better,
Finally it was really over,
There were answers in God’s sign.

Today, I sat on the deck,
Watched seagulls fly and dive.
Waves roll and crash
Sand reveal and bury treasures.
All the time I knew a truth that binds.

No matter how messy or hard the circumstances,
God is beside us all the way by prayer,
And He loves us enough to answer our calls,
When we rise from the meal of bitterness,
God Himself has known we were being refined.

All glory to Him we are His and cannot be separated!
                          dfav 4/5/16

From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #7, 3/24/16


Abba Father,

You promised never to leave me,
So Lord, even in my anger,
I know You’re at my shoulder,
Waiting for my eyes to see.
I know I’m not angry at You,
Far easier to justify my anger,
Than admit I got swept up,
In what modern medicine might do.

Thank You for Your open arms,
Thank You for Your forgiveness,
Thank You for protecting me,
Keeping me from physical harm.

Sustain me as I swallow this bitter pill,
As I regroup and trust Your provision,
Use my life to encourage others,
To turn to You and drink their fill.
Like those who are thirsty to live,
Like those who need hope,
Especially those who need a Savior,
Let them see only You have these to give.
                                  dfav 3/23/16

From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #5. 3/17/16


O Abba Father,
Mighty King,
God of Heaven and Earth,
With thanksgiving I bow before,
My God, Master of everything…

The sea and inlands are mist encased this morning,
Reminding me of the softest covers used to cover a child.
It looks as if you could just disappear if you walked into it,
This shoreline changes as life is always dying & growing.

No two days the same, unseen lightening bolts of alteration.
With faith I speak with You, knowing no fog exists You can’t find me in.
No cover can be where my presence is nonexisting,
Like the sea, the sand, the fog, the beach always in relation.

When the sun reappears, and it always does eventually,
The grounded clouds will lift or burn away,
May You find me simply working,
At the task assigned by You to me, joyfully.
                                  dfav 3/13-17/16

From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #6, 2/26/16


Grain by grain,
Ash by ash,
Each desert dry breeze distributes,
The parched and,
Arid burned molecule,
Of my heart.

Moan by moan,
Groan by groan,
Each sound translated by Christ,
Into prayer,
My Father hears,
With Holy heart.

Mist dances in,
Dew drapes down,
Each droplet reviving soul,
Every part returns,
Growth reveals,
Within my heart.

Each blessing will rehydrate,
What neglect and,
Despair with comparison,
Stole from my heart.

The spring shower falls down,
God is alive,
His love deeply,
In my heart.
                      dfav 2/26/16

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #3, 2/16/16


Abba Father :
Should I swim to Your presence like a moth to the light,
If I could throw myself down in the waves of Your right,
Float endlessly in the power of Your sight,
Should I be consumed by Your holiness, refined into gold,
Be stronger than Samson in Your prescribed mold,
Have all understanding far more than I’ve ever been told,
If my heart loved with Your love forever to be,
My eyes see what Your’s see beyond the wings of a bee,
My complete being looking at the world from Your sea’s…
It’s not enough–
Not nearly enough—
No—no not close to enough,
To You for my soul to be at peace—
Here on this earth—
Only when I’m home.
                           dfav 2/16/16

Cottage-by-the-Sea #2, 2/1/16


Abba Father,
Holding to hope with all my heart,
Hope in the promises of Your Word.
Hope born in a stable in Bethlehem,
Hope alive from a grave Satan meant never to part.

It’s so hard from this valley low,
Relying on memories of miracles before,
Because this is so big and its not just for me,
Not just my health taking a severe blow.

You won’t disappoint us, though we might not understand,
Our minds aren’t like Your’s we often struggle.
I know You have us covered and safe,
In this storm You’ve got us in the palm of Your hand.

In the name of Jesus Christ I proclaim,
Satan isn’t welcome here any shape, any form.
By the name of Jesus I seek Satan to be blocked,
I request Satan to be repealed in Jesus’name.

Holding onto hope with all my heart,
Hope born of experience of what You can do,
Hope freed by the name of Jesus Christ,
Hope, trust and prayer, doing my immediate part.

Let me be quiet to hear Your voice,
Help me respond immediately to what You direct,
May the banner before me bear Your name,
Please Abba, may my life show You’re my choice.
                   dfav  1/31/16.   Donna