From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #21, 12/19/16

Abba Father,
The fiercest storm blew in last week,
Sending me scurrying inside so quick.
Where I slept, then awakened and peered out,
Hoped for a quiet voice in the storm’s shout.
The chaos inside me bigger than all outside,
Would neither leave me or help me hide.
Drenching rains pounded icy cold,
All I could seek Lord, was Your sheltering hold.
This storm blew in with no warning this time,
No explaining reason nor bit of rhyme.
This diaster ripped apart my heart,
Reckoning havoc in every part.
Beyond the shore there’s a relic revealed by the storm,
The storm has quickly become the norm.
Though I spent some time in thought and prayer,
Or artistic projects to transport elsewhere.
This new relic so brazeningly revealed,
Taught me that though my eyes cannot see,
There’s more in my spiritual life to still be freed.
Lord, help me make use of this prayer,
I thank you for Your time and care.

           dfav 12/18/16


From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #19, On Adoption

Thank You Abba Father, for adoption.
For this way that helped us be a forever family.
Thank You Lord for every successful adoption story,
For each one brings You honor and glory.

Thank You Father for caseworkers, attorneys and courts,
For each has a job to do in each individual case.
Thank You Almighty, for each precious child,
For each tear they shed, the shy and the wild.

Thank You Jehovah, for each adoptive parent who exists,
Who opened their hearts and stepped up to care.
Thank You Abba Father, for biological parents too.
Those who gave willingly and those who had to be made to do.

Thank You Lord, for the system, though it may not always work.
Its intention is noble, it’s purpose for good.
Thank You Almighty, the I Am, for the example You gave,
By willingly adopting us the way has been paved.

Most of all Abba, thank You for my precious child,
Who calls me “Mama” and was born in my heart.
Though parenting isn’t simple or easy always,
You’ve given us what we need each and every day.
        -dav 11/22/12. Revised 11/30/16.


Cottage By-the-Sea, #18, 9/27/16

The horizon stretches forever east, then west,
Had I but eyes to see their encircling,
I could see they totally surround me,
Of sunrises, Abba, this might be Your best.

Clouds catch fire and erupt in Your glow,
As the orange morphs peach and dancing hues,
Seagulls take flight, to squawk and dive,
The world is called forth from slumber to grow.

Except for one seagull who never leaves the sand,
Though I approach it doesn’t fly away,
Close enough I see the tangled fishing line,
This sunrise reveals this gull needs a human hand.

With tenderness I reach and draw it near,
It’s heart beat so rapid it’s death I fear,
Fingertips cut line rapidly but firm,
Holding my breath the wing being freed brought tears.

Gently, slowly I return it to the wet, chilly sand,
It’s one eye watching my steady escape,
A wave washes in the seagull dips in its beak,
Then its scooped along by God’s own hand.

Now every morning as the sun does rise,
I’ll say a prayer for “my wounded bird”,
That God lengthened it’s days and nights,
Increased its knowledge of damaging devise.

How God must lovingly do the same for me,
In the midst of beauty all around take count,
See me the struggling, ensnared little sheep,
And return to lend a strengthening hand to me.

So should we view our fellow man,
Struggling beyond what our hearts understand,
Pray and hear God’s assignment for you,
Carry through and do the best you can.

For we all need help from time to time,
When entangled in the messy lines of life,
We must trust the least likely can be the Master’s hand,
Reaching out to free us from Satan’s ensnaring line.
                 dfav 9/27/16

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #17, 9/21/16

There’s the rhythm,
There’s the rhyme,
Song of the Ocean,
Symphony of the Sea.

Jazz for the burdens,
Blues for the needs,
A concert bursts forth,
The trio it reads.

Birds soar the soprano,
Waves lap out the bass,
Winds carve the baritone,
Sea prayer pleas the case.

Words dance up to Heaven,
Heart pours out it all,
God, He is listening,
Prayer makes this call.
             dfav 9/21/16


Cottage By-the-Sea #16, 9/16/16

Abba Father,
You know the hairs upon my head,
The number of days confined to bed,
You know every word I ever read,
The good and ugly of what I’ve said.
Even if I wanted escape from You,
Couldn’t forget what You say and do.
Yet I blow it all at times beyond belief,
An anger burning deep with no relief.
My mind sidetracked with destructive thoughts,
Pouting hasn’t given the release I’ve sought.
This world only had one spark,
Jesus Himself the light in the dark.
Having now seen man out-of-control,
Sends me running back to Christ’s fold.
Lord, help me please not to lazily sin,
To allow Satan such an easy win.
Even if some wounds are hurt and raw,
Forgiving then forgetting is the call.
Until then when I reach Your side,
May I one day have nothing to hide.
   Amen                               -dfav 9/15/16


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #15, 9/2/2016

Abba Father,
Our Cottage is facing a hurricane,
I’m drawn to the ocean it’s always the same.
The wilder the waves, saltier the air,
More of me feels my soul stripped bare.
This morning Lord, at the dawn of day,
Please peel this red-hot anger away,
Cleanse the wounds that fester and stink,
Doctor and bind them, show me the links,
So I can heed all You have to say,
After days of denial the connection break way.
I’ve been too afraid to face my truth,
What’s hidden beneath, the ugly roots.
But if ever I’m to soar again,
Evil here cannot be allowed to win.
Here’s my hand, please hold it tight,
Help me through a storm dark as night.
At last when the sun does rise,
Your life in me will be the prize.
In my pain and suffering I confess,
Thinking of You as somehow less,
Than as a God who’d not only understand,
Or a God here to hold my hand.
But as a God trying to break my heart,
Ripping and tearing me completely apart.
Yet, together we’ll face the deepest wounds in me,
Because You’re the God who has set me free.
Forgive me for my shortsightedness,
I praise You Lord, You never cease to bless,
Even when I fail You in times like this,
You’re the God who for me has the best.
Now, no matter how fierce this storm,
You and I will be in Your finest form,
For in the end You’ve enclosed the ring,
The Master of my life is Creator of all good things.
               dfav 9/2/16


Won’t Matter?

Don’t think I understand,

All I feel, what I hold in my hands,

Dare I to dream if my life’s soon to end?

Why bother to get better, is it a sin?

Does anyone have answers?

I’ve questions, that’s for sure,

Why is this happening to me?

I’ve no idea anymore.

As tough as this is I admit,

I want to go, You won’t set me free.

There’s always this hope,

You gave Yourself for me.

Quiet my thundering heart if You will,

Clear away the blinding cloud cover 

Let me know the simple truth,

Maybe it won’t matter when this life is over.

If I knew there’s a reason,

But, all I do is lay here and rot,

I can’t see it, not any more,

Is my future ended with these dots?

       dfav 8/23/16

           dfav 8/23/16


From the Cottage-by-the Sea #13, 8/22/16

Abba Father,
The beach below is black and white,
Tremendously loud as waves pound the shore,
The fragrance of salt and fish lash out,
My heart cannot stand being indoors.
I wheel my chair onto the deck,
Clouds hanging low over the sea,
Only the waves and the wind make noise,
It sweeps inside and overtakes me.
A storm is only seconds away to hit,
But the wildness calls my name,
Into the howling rage I sense,
You’re calling me to forget the games.
Sin entered this world by tricks and deceit,
Man had free choice decide right or wrong,
Ever since Cain killed his brother, Abel,
Man has sang a bittersweet tale in song.
Tonight, here on this weathered olé pier,
You and I must surely meet and agree,
Of all Your creations surrounding me,
The sea calls most to set itself free.
Acknowledging first You as our Creator,
Praises rise from heart to lips to You,
You’re sovereign and the great I Am,
This sea nor storm frighten me it’s true.
Thank You for the God You are,
Thank You for being God, Spirit and Son,
Thank You for the love you create in me,
Thank You for the war You’ve won.
                   dfav 8/21/16


Who Are You?

When all you know is broken,
Like crystal smashed beyond repair,
When there’s not enough glue,
Or barely a fragment as a token,
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

The body you had, suddenly gone,
Broken bones and shredded heart,
A dozen monitors wired to you,
Time flew but it took so long.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

Your spouse split after many years,
Adult children off doing their thing,
The house so quiet it’s terrifying,
You dissolve again into a pool of tears.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

All the “in crowd” torments you,
Your project destroyed by “accident”,
You’re the punchline of every joke,
No telling what next they’ll do.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

Heard again from the living room,
Raised voice and cursing too,
Then the pounding of his fists,
Call 9-1-1 and be here soon.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

Somewhere along the road you took,
Your thoughts got twisted, ensnared,
You see yourself in another’s eyes,
It sickens you so you barely look.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

Tragedy strikes no rhythm, no rhyme,
Lives change in a millisecond,
Or like a canyon carved by water,
A constant flow for a long, long time.
When that disaster falls,
Who are you?

If you can answer this, head held high,
Admitted mistakes and made amends,
Trusted God to make you a new creation,
You think you can’t but you can fly.
That disaster fell,
So, who are you?

                     dfav 8/6/16


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #12, 7/29/16

Abba Father:

You are the Lord God Almighty, 

Knowing every hair upon my head,

As You know each grain of sand,

Swept to and fro by every wave,

Like every breeze off the ocean grand.

You are my loving Abba, my God.

Praises to You forevermore for who You are.

Security lived in this sweet assurance,

Keeps me content with what I have.

Though the world might mock me,

A life built upon the Rock stands,

For Jesus is the Cornerstone come see,

On sunny days or storms He stays,

There is no God but Him.

Let our ears tune to hear His voice,

The faintest whisper to our hearts,

Focusing hard upon staying true to Him,

So our feet may not falter again,

When life’s sorrows make the Son dim,

His truth is still the absolute,

Hold on until the storm breaks.

                               dfav 7/29/16