For Those Hurting too Much to Remember

Lord, it’s not always easy for a heart to follow a calendar.
To feel the sweetness of romantic love on Valentine’s Day,
Or rejuvenated as Spring arrives with Easter,
Perhaps celebrating Independence Day hurts pride in some way?
So feeling thankful because Thanksgiving rolls round?
Sometimes we’re hurting so much we think gratitude impossible.
Or counting our blessings makes us to keenly aware,
Of loved ones whose voices are now only echoing sounds.
Some of those have left us but not this life,
And others You’ve welcomed home at evening tide.
Sometimes our losses seem so achingly filled,
We can’t see beyond our sorrows to the blessings side.
This year Lord, let me say Thank You for those who can’t.
Those who are sick, in body, spirit or heart,
Who simply have reached a dark place on their journey,
Lord, accept please my gratitude for their part.
Thank You for providing for us all year round,
Regardless of the date on the calendar or time on the clock,
Thank You for not limiting gratitude or love,
Thank You for always providing for your flock.
May each one who is struggling with the holiday season this year,
Find Your love and presence over flowing in the days to come,
Bind their wounds, heal their hearts, free their spirits,
‘Til they remember very clearly where their blessings come from.
                  dfav 11/22/16


As I Pray Today

Holy Father, descend upon me,
To my heart God, speak Your mind,
Break my heart to know You completely,
Make me by Your love to be fully thine.

Sacred Scripture, reveal Your life,
Let me feast upon Your wisdom,
Grant me a new depth of knowing,
Of here, now and Your kingdom come.

Sweet Savior, intercede for my needs,
Where my words fail may You prevail,
Remind me often of Your gift at Calvary,
Make me boldest Your story to tell.

Jehovah God, O God Almighty,
Ever my shield and portion be.
You are God, above all others,
And only in You can I be free.
              dfav 10/30/16


Please, Heal Me

Please heal me,
From my head to my toes,
Cleanse away all my ills,
Please, Abba Father, heal me!
Erase every germ,
Eradicate all disease,
Please, Great Physician, heal me!
Strengthen my bones,
To my muscles give tone,
Please, Holy Father, heal me!
Uproot every evil,
Cultivate health within,
Please, Gentle Healer, heal me!
               dfav 10/25/16


Lord, You Are

You Lord, are my strength,
        I have none—
You Lord, are my heart,
        I have none—
Lord, You know the width and length,
       Of my every day—,
You know my teeny part,
       In mankind’s history.
God, move me out of Your way,
       So You may soar—
Break what needs broken,
       That Your will is done.
                    dfav 10/20/16


Do I Want to Know You?

Father God,
You knit me together,
Cell by cell,
In my mother’s womb,
You have a plan and purpose,
For everyone,
Some never know for they fail,
To ever acknowledge Your call.
I know You as Savior,
I have heard Your call,
And I know there’s more…
You know the number of hairs,
On my head,
Every thought I’ve ever had,
Every deed I’ve ever done.
So why am I embarrassed,
To think of one hundred percent,
Pure honesty between us?
Little late for that as,
You are omnipresent and omniscient.
You know the number of my days,
And the freckles on my nose.
Abba, You already know me,
Better than I know myself.
Still, it’s hard to invite You,
To increase the depth of,
Our walk together.
I’m here though, flaws and all.
I want to know You as well,
As You know me.
I’ve got so much to learn,
And I keep discovering much,
I didn’t know about me.
But, You know that already,
Don’t You Abba Father?
             dfav 10/17/16


Quiet Prayers of the Heart

Lord, I’m sick again.

But, the sun rose,

And my husband kissed me goodbye,

     On his way to work,

     A steady job,

     Serving our country’s veterans,

And our daughter,

Moaned her good morning routine.

Counting my blessings with-in.

Lord, it’s hard to breath.

But the sun still shines,

And prayer is still available,

     And God still answers,

     Even said as I’m falling asleep.

In my mind’s eye,

The geese fly south,

Sign of life not death.

Lord, time is a moving part,

This day too will end,

You’ll have gotten me through it,

     And every blessing,

     With a thousand more besides,

Will be in line like sheep,

A gratitude listing,

Even in quiet prayers of the heart.

                        dfav 10/04/16


This is YOUR Life

Our lives.
The good,
The not-so-good,
The down-right ugly ones.
They’re ours.
Want to claim them, or not,
They’re ours.

Our lives,
Days numbered,
Some live longer,
Some live less,
Nonetheless, it is appointed,
One day,
We will die.

What we’ve,
Done with these days,
Really come into focus,
We really begin to see,
With eternal residence,
At stake we ask,
What choice did I make?

People die,
Age no reason,
No “too young” nor,
No “too old”,
None to good,
None to evil,
It’s appointed.

Accidents happen,
Diseases strike,
Brakes fail,
Hearts break,
Sometimes no warning,
Most times,
No warning at all.

Take care,
Of your business now,
Then regardless,
Of the timing,
You’re prepared,
Ask God,
To rule your life.

People will know,
Even if you never,
Utter a single word,
The vitality,
Of your every moment,
Comes when
You die.

May you not die,
Before your ready,
Before you accept,
The apologies,
Mourn the losses,
Hang on with gusto,
Serve to the fullest.

After all,
You get one life,
No expiration date,
Beyond expectation
God gifted life to you,
How are you gifting,
It forward?

If today’s,
My time, may you know,
I love God,
Our daughter,
My husband,
Our family and
Our church.

What would,
I know about yours?

                      dfav 9/22/16


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #17, 9/21/16

There’s the rhythm,
There’s the rhyme,
Song of the Ocean,
Symphony of the Sea.

Jazz for the burdens,
Blues for the needs,
A concert bursts forth,
The trio it reads.

Birds soar the soprano,
Waves lap out the bass,
Winds carve the baritone,
Sea prayer pleas the case.

Words dance up to Heaven,
Heart pours out it all,
God, He is listening,
Prayer makes this call.
             dfav 9/21/16


Cottage By-the-Sea #16, 9/16/16

Abba Father,
You know the hairs upon my head,
The number of days confined to bed,
You know every word I ever read,
The good and ugly of what I’ve said.
Even if I wanted escape from You,
Couldn’t forget what You say and do.
Yet I blow it all at times beyond belief,
An anger burning deep with no relief.
My mind sidetracked with destructive thoughts,
Pouting hasn’t given the release I’ve sought.
This world only had one spark,
Jesus Himself the light in the dark.
Having now seen man out-of-control,
Sends me running back to Christ’s fold.
Lord, help me please not to lazily sin,
To allow Satan such an easy win.
Even if some wounds are hurt and raw,
Forgiving then forgetting is the call.
Until then when I reach Your side,
May I one day have nothing to hide.
   Amen                               -dfav 9/15/16



When the needs are great,
Resources far too small,
You may want to run,
But, you’re up against a wall,
Everything in you is stretched,
This mountain too tall.
But, you can’t give up yet,
Have you given Jesus a call?
Time to be absolutely honest,
This can turn good after all.
This day claim your victory,
As on your knees you fall,
Pray on without ceasing,
Let it ring through the hall.
Then should the worse happen,
Rest assured at that wall,
A door or window will open,
God having answered your call.
                     dfav 9/9/16