God Cares

Does God care when I’m sad and blue?
I believe He does, how about you?
Does He care if I suffer needlessly?
Or if its the consequences of my choices coming naturally?
I think God cares whenever I hurt,
But He doesn’t allow me a payday to shirk.
Does the Father care about the football game win?
Or the gender we are or the color of our skin?
Does He care if we’ve walls of first places
Or trophies galore, or prizes for our faces?
Do You think He can stomach our need to win
Anymore perhaps, than our need to sin?
God is about love, justice, redemption and grace,
He knows every hair on our heads every line on our face.
God loves us all, I know it’s true
That doesn’t extend to covering up for me or you.
He cares that we’re fed, our basic needs covered
Whether it’s thrift store finds or high end fluff and flutter
He isn’t having angels like cheerleaders jumping up and down
But God is proof a truer friend can’t be found.
Yes, God’s in the details of our lives
We must understand this as we strive
For as God cares for the person as well as the soul
Never a truer friend can we behold.
Take a deeper look than a shallow glance
God’s caring for us makes our souls dance.
                                         d.f.a.v. 9/11/12

Visitors at the Cottage by the Sea


Abba Father,
Watching from the deck Lord
There’s a woman half my age
Sitting on the foot of the Cottage ramp
Shivering in the days cold and damp.

Invite her up for a hot cup of java
She sees the open Bible and scoffs
So I tell her my story with You
And she’s hungry to know can You help her too?

She shares her story with tears and sighs
Barren, broken and now abandoned
No one will ever love her again she’s sure
Little I say will make a difference to her.

I start with Sarah, Rebecca and Hannah
Tell her I know You and the difference You’ve made
Maybe. Maybe she’s willing to listen
Even though in her eyes tears still glisten.

Silence stretched on she gets up to leave
Half-way down the beach she turns to wave
Will she ever come back this guest unplanned
Ever make God a friend to help her to stand?

Don’t have the answers I leave it to You
But I thank You so much for our guest today
For the chance to share in another’s life
May Your words shine a light n her strife.

Thank You Lord for this place by the Sea
A place of prayer and serenity
Tomorrow Lord for it’s in You hand.
Send another guest down along the sand.
          d.f.a.v. 4/9/14
Let it be,