Prayer Before Worship


Created by Photo Grid using original artwork by d.f.a.v. published previously on  All rights reserved.  –Donna

A Prayer When the Tears Come


O Abba Father,

Nine people died in a Charleston church,
One man pulled the trigger, caused this hurt,
But something tells me we’ve not realized,
Hate kills more than the taking of lives.
It steals the soul,
One bite at a time,
It turns good, evil,
Hate takes control,
Overwhelming good.

How far the bottles of our tears must go,
Our ignorance turned arrogance You must know.
Man’s evilness is overwhelming,
It’s as if we’re over here cheering,
          Push the envelope,
          Test the water
          Grab the fruit!
           Just a nibble!
          Grab the fruit!

Every place that man might be.
I wonder in my sorrow why we don’t see.
Sinful blindness doesn’t excuse our behavior?
Our selective hearing shames You our Savior.
          You won’t die.
          God doesn’t care.
          You can’t pray here,
          You can’t pray there!
          Christian? Not anywhere.

God, You haven’t died, You are alive,
Your presence hasn’t taken a nosedive,
We’ve shut You out without a doubt,
Mockery comes because without
Your God has failed!
Your God is gone!
Or is He asleep?
Your God don’t care,
Your God don’t care.

Then in some way I can’t explain
I feel Your presence, You call my name
As long as I can trust in You,
We’ll be alright, make it through.
           Hang in my children
          Trust me to provide
           Don’t give up your hope!
          Don’t throw away your vote!
          Hang on my children, hang on!
                  d.f.a.v. 6/18/2015

A Lesson in Leadership


King after King of the Israelities compromised with the world,
And “…did evil in the sight of the Lord…”
Over and over this in the Old Testament was read,
Making it harder to fight heart to head.
They forgot what they risked was so real,
Imagined their intentions weren’t clear,
They’d rather leave what is right behind,
Than have the whole truth brought to mind.
King after king sat on the throne,
Further and further from God they did roam.
Today we’re no different if I give it some thought,
Its not individuals for which we should have sought.
Instead it’s cleaning up our lives,
Beneath the Blood of the Lamb that has survived.
King or pauper, old or young,
The facts will surely be loudly sung.
But in the end, Christ will have won.
When that day comes and He appears,
And we rise with Him and shed our fears.
We’ll answer for our leadership,
Like the kings in the Old Testament and their ego trips.
Will what you do be followed with pride?
Or will it be preceded by God Himself asking us, “Why?”
               d.f.a.v.  5/14/15

Cottage by the Sea #12 5/4/15


Abba Father:
In my heart there are stories left to write,
Songs still to sing,
Joy left to share,
Skies still for flight.
There’s still time to share.
Still time— to care.

In my soul there are tears left to shed,
Paths to explore,
Hearts to make light,
Flowers that are red,
There’s still time to share.
Still time—to care.

In my testimony there are messages left unsaid,
Though time melts away,
Not just for me,
For every soul not yet dead.
There’s still time to share.
Still time—to care.

In my soul, Lord I ask you today,
Keep my mind steady,
Armed with the Holy truth,
Let my words be those You say.
There’s still time to share,
Still time. …to care.

Here’s all I am Lord.
A servant to Your Heart,
Use me, mold me, train me.
Make me wholly Your’s, not part.
There’ s still time to share,
Still time…to care.
           d.f.a.v.  5/3/15

Going Home! Crossing Jordan!


Have you thought about crossing Jordan?
That perfectly crystal river that flows?
It splashes and gurgles, flowing, having the time of its life?
O it’s Jordan at last my spirit surely knows,
Hooray! At last! At last!

Have you thought about your first sight of Heaven?
Gates of huge pearls beaming smiles everywhere,
Angels singing praises and we join in songs familiar and old!
Not a single tear again will be shed here.
Heaven! At last! At last!

Does judgment cross your mind at all?
When we’ll be held accountable one and all?
Do you turn your head away?
Or wait your turn feeling guilty and raw?
One day soon! One day soon! Oh soon!

I’m set to go over Jordan
No bags to pack, instructions given, name in the book.
Won’t you come with me over Jordan?
I can’t wait to go, can’t wait to look.
Home at last! Home at last! Come praise the Lord!

Come down to the river my friends,
Come down to the shore, souls are coming home.
Boats are gliding up to the pier,
Just give’em your hand, no one is alone.
Step up! Here they go! Watch them go!!!

Heaven’s sounding more inviting all the time,
Jordan’s water never run so swiftly in all its days.
What a Homecoming this will be!
Listen to me one more time, hear me say,
Crossing Jordan! Going home! Going home!
                         —d.f.a.v . 4/27/15


Read the Bible through many times.
Each time something different grabs my mind.
Like how the Old and New Testament fit together,
Or God’s love for us goes back and forward forever.
The names of people, places, things,
His hand is visible in the design of everything.
Ichabod, Rufus, Noah the girl stood out.
God is love but sin isn’t tolerated, no doubt.
The holiness, sacredness, mystery and wonder,
The Word indeed sweeter than honey creates deeper hunger.
Oh, so much I’ll never understand,
He was fully God and fully man.
Let me study and apply His Word morning, noon and night.
God’s Word, my steady guiding light.
d.f.a.v. 4/9/15

It’s Friday!


On Friday —

Unjustly accused.
Unfairly judged.
Undoubtedly loving.
Undauntedly promising.


Not murdered, He gave.
Not forced, He gave.
Not destroyed, He gave.
Not defeated, He gave.

It’s Friday,
Not Sunday.
Friday’s defeat,
Sunday’s heartbeat.

Victory’s coming.
          d.f.a.v.  4/2/15

Not My Will But Your’s Lord

Not my will but Your’s, Lord.
Not my will but Your’s.
This is my heart’s sincerest prayer,
Not my will but Your’s.

Even though I leave no great legacy.
Even though I leave just me.
May someone read my life and see,
I’ve given You the best of me.

Let my tears fall in prayer dear, Lord.
Let my tears pour out for You.
When the breaths are hard to take,
Let my tears pour out for You.

May Your grace cloak me, Lord.
May Your grace carry through.
When the light begins to fade away,
May Your grace carry through.

Not my will but Your’s, Lord.
Not my will but Your’s.
This is my heart’s sincerest prayer,
Not my will but Your’s.
                      d.f.a.v.  3/23/15

Mission Fields

Your mission field may very well be
Exactly where God wants you to see
He has a reason for where you are
Be it close to home or very far.
Your assignment may be your family
Where sometimes its hardest to be friendly
Despite the same blood in your hearts
Sharing God’s Word and love can be an art.
Perhaps your mission field is your work,
Where folks are nice or may be jerks
When stress mounts high and tension hisses
Your chances to witness slowly increases.
Your mission field may be a local service project
Yard work, meals, tending to needs, simple logic.
Care for the widows, elderly and disabled
Offering cool cups of water and making them feel stable.
Maybe it will be on foreign soil
Where Jesus will choose for you to toil.
Where you may make history
For dying for telling His Story.
Perhaps your missionary work requires your life
Or how to be a praying wife.
Maybe it will mean you don’t eat
So a child can who suffers in desert heat.
It could even be in your school
Where God equips you with His tools
But it doesn’t matter where your assignment is
You must show the world you are His.
Pray hard and sincere as you start each day
Listen carefully for God to show you the way.
And never forget a single day
To follow through on all God has to say.
                            d.f.a.v. 2/17/14

When All of You Gets Home!

When parts of you come home
Some limping, weary and weak
Perhaps exhausted from battle
Or disappointed in defeat.
When parts of you come home
Some glammed up with bling
Adventure a confident conquest
A stage where your heart did sing!
When parts of you come home
Despair and pain in your eyes
For life has treated you unkindly,
Scarred by what makes you wise.
When parts of you come home
But you see them in newborn life
When all gather to celebrate
A life new not yet knowing strife.
When parts of you come home
The Master will lovingly restore
Breathe sweet air in your lungs
But you’ll not be who you were before.
When these parts of you get home
God will knit you together with grace
You’ll be who you’re meant to be
For you at last can see God’s face.
d.f.a.v. 2/9/15