From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #19, On Adoption

Thank You Abba Father, for adoption.
For this way that helped us be a forever family.
Thank You Lord for every successful adoption story,
For each one brings You honor and glory.

Thank You Father for caseworkers, attorneys and courts,
For each has a job to do in each individual case.
Thank You Almighty, for each precious child,
For each tear they shed, the shy and the wild.

Thank You Jehovah, for each adoptive parent who exists,
Who opened their hearts and stepped up to care.
Thank You Abba Father, for biological parents too.
Those who gave willingly and those who had to be made to do.

Thank You Lord, for the system, though it may not always work.
Its intention is noble, it’s purpose for good.
Thank You Almighty, the I Am, for the example You gave,
By willingly adopting us the way has been paved.

Most of all Abba, thank You for my precious child,
Who calls me “Mama” and was born in my heart.
Though parenting isn’t simple or easy always,
You’ve given us what we need each and every day.
        -dav 11/22/12. Revised 11/30/16.


Their Voices

Bright shining faces,

Beaming with smiles,

Does anybody know Lord,

The pain in their miles?

The miles they’ve walked,

From this place to there,

In need of a home

Somebody to care.

A parent to love them,

A place that is “home”,

They need a Forever Family.

Too soon they’ll be grown.

Each has a story,

Each have a voice,

Each has a need.

We have a choice!

Do we see them?

Do we hear their voice?

Will we meet their need?

Make them your choice?
            -dfav 11-1-12 Revised 11/29/16


My Wishes

My Wishes -Originally 11/12/13 on this blog.

I wish I knew their names.

The names of every parent

Who adopted a child.

I wish I could thank them.

Face to face with sincerity

For their love given.

I wish I could know

The children they’ve accepted,

Who they love as their own.

I wish we could have

A great big party to celebrate

The creation of a Forever Family.

I wish no child

Would go to bed without parents,

Without a home to call their own.

I wish I could do more

Than pray or draw attention to

National Adoption Awareness Month.

I wish just one more child,

Could find a Forever Family

Because it’s the right thing to do.

I wish those ones

Would soon add up to all.

So every child has a family of their own.

I wish I could say thank you

To all the people who make

Adoption dreams come true.

Would I be saying thank you

To you, or you, or you

Or maybe to one of you?
                  dfav 11/18/13


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #12, 7/29/16

Abba Father:

You are the Lord God Almighty, 

Knowing every hair upon my head,

As You know each grain of sand,

Swept to and fro by every wave,

Like every breeze off the ocean grand.

You are my loving Abba, my God.

Praises to You forevermore for who You are.

Security lived in this sweet assurance,

Keeps me content with what I have.

Though the world might mock me,

A life built upon the Rock stands,

For Jesus is the Cornerstone come see,

On sunny days or storms He stays,

There is no God but Him.

Let our ears tune to hear His voice,

The faintest whisper to our hearts,

Focusing hard upon staying true to Him,

So our feet may not falter again,

When life’s sorrows make the Son dim,

His truth is still the absolute,

Hold on until the storm breaks.

                               dfav 7/29/16


Baby Love


O Sweet Little Baby,
There’s so much I can teach you,
Show you,
Explain to you.
But you must first learn,
And perseverance.

You will imagine you see love,
Do you?
What is the view?
You must learn love.
Love is new or shabby.
It can come from mommy or daddy.

Let me show you love pristine.
New and awakening.
No mistakes and misgivings.
When love is unspoiled,
By sweat and blood,
Emotions do flood.

Eventually you’ll know love,
By its raw taste,
Of life’s dirt and grime paste.
You can’t be fooled by,
Fancy threads,
And gallant beds.

Love’s smell comes from the sweat of the brow,
Bitten lip when hammer slips,
But metallic blood instead of curse words cross your lips.
Love loosens a bit.
When the conversation centers round,
Why a Christian singer is wearing THAT, pulled far down.

O little one there is much I can teach you,
What love looks like,
What entrapment feels like.
What Christ looked like grave defeated!
Love feels like restored,
At the price unable to be counted.

So come quickly now and share God’s love.
The love that will have endured,
The love that has sin’s cost covered.
Come share the love for one another,
The love of husbands and wives,
The love of friends in our lives.
But, yes, O yes, share that of Christ who will never die.
—Donna.     dfav 5/22/16

Another’s Shoes

Let me see people Lord,
Through Your eyes.
Hear them through,
Your very ears,
Feel their joys and sorrows,
With Your heart.
I began to see so much.
You’ve allowed me to,
Walk a mile or more,
In another’s shoes.
Thank You for that,
Help me never to forget,
We all need Jesus,
And compassionate love,
With healing tears,
Spirits enduring,
To give to others,
What we need ourselves.
Thank You for,
Every single blessing,
Remind me what one person,
Can do to aid mankind,
Better to face You,
Having died for a stranger,
Than stand before You,
With wasted opportunity.
                      dfav 4/21/16

Cottage by the Sea #18 7/7/15


Abba Father;
In my dreams I walk,
On two healthy legs,
Two healthy feet,
And sometimes I run,
Or sail the ocean free,
Traveling on toward the Son.

Those dreams so real,
That when I wake,
I expect to walk,
I am ready to dance,
Until that moment,
I realize I have no chance.

And I come running here,
To our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
This place in my heart,
Where we come to meet,
Designed for my limits,
Our heart retreat.

Though sometimes I stay,
Totally in the real,
Pretend doesn’t change,
What is still is,
But like my dreams,
I need here, this.

A place to retreat,
Talk about the difficult,
The good and ugly,
Surrender in prayer,
Break down my pride,
Give myself to Your care.

What life denys me,
Here You’ve prepared,
A seamless safe place,
That helps fill me up,
When the world,
Drains my cup.

I’m not crazy,
I know this isn’t real,
Not real brick and stone,
But in my heart,
Our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Has its part.
So let the storms roll,

Let the waves crash,
The seagulls call,
The ocean give back,
All it ever stole,
Our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Has its role.

Let’s take up a bundle,
From the Hidden Room,
And thrash it out,
Set things right,
Guide my prayers,
Reveal Your Light.

Ride out the storm,
Admit my sins,
Face my fears,
Forgive again, again.
Refine my heart
You must win.
d.f.a.v. 7/7/15.

Let’s Hear it for Godly Men


Here’s to every man,
Who steps forward to be,
The man God can say,
At the end, “Well done” to.

Especially the man,
Who in age a boy you can see,
Whose choices one day,
Gives him man things to do.

This half-child himself,
Puts childhood aside to be,
As godly a father as he can,
And does so without blame.

He still sets his goals,
They’ll probably further than he sees,
But, he clings to God’s hand,
Not accepting Satan’s shame.

Here’s to the man who stands,
Solidly behind God’s Word & right,
Lives what he talks about,
Admits he’s not without sin,

The man who cherishes his wife,
Adores his children and the Light,
Uncompromising on the truth,
Pays the cost so God wins.

Here’s to the man who is a man,
Unconfused about his sexuality,
Unconforming in his lifestyle
Living a godly example to his community.

The man after God’s heart,
Fighting to restore the reputation of Christianity,
Forgiving the unforgivable hurts,
Because God wants His church in harmony.

Here’s to our dads, uncles, brothers,
Our preachers, teachers and deacons,
On the front line of the upcoming final battle,
Let’s petition heaven for God’s blessings for them.

Here’s to our policemen and firemen,
The host of men who are our beacons,
To them who we must respect,
Because for our sake they’ve oft prayed to Him.

They’re out there, these men,
God fearing, loving, following men,
Who stand in the gap for strangers,
As well as those who he knows.

Respect them, love them, honor them,
Exceptional because they follow Him,
Which makes them more valuable,
Than all of earth’s purest gold.
              d.f.a.v. 6/21/15

Just. Do. It.

You think God has something for you to do for Him?
Don’t put it off, thinking the chances are too slim.
You imagine God has someone for you to help.
Keep your good deed to yourself, you won’t miss a step.
You see God at work and you want to work too?
Up & go.
To it.
Join in a work or start one yourself, be a team of many or one.
Get it.
Have a hole in your heart so you’re never content?
Fill it.
Have the gospel to share with nine or nine hundred percent?
Put your.
Feet on the floor.
Go to it.
Afraid everyone will laugh & point everyday ’til you’re sick?
Through this.
This is your only life on this earth you get to live.
Live it.
Tomorrow is another day if God chooses to share it.
Do it.
               d.f.a.v.  4/27/15

A Blessing

The blessings in a life
Aren’t necessarily material possessions.-
Homes are needed but if empty,
If you live in it alone,
Your threshold ever welcomes friends,
Or kin,
A showcase can be cold and heartless
If no love grows there.

The blessings in a life
Aren’t necessarily fame or fortune
Fame can be fickle and fortunes lost
With the opinion of the world
Or the stock prices for the day or
Wars overseas
Fame can become bitter and fortunes
Burn up in flames.

The blessings in a life
Aren’t necessarily found in relationships
If those aren’t based on Christ
Eternally what have you in common?
For if you know Christ and they don’t
Did you share Him
Or did you fear offending them so much
You let them be?

The blessings in a life
Are often found in the intangible
Moments that God gives you
A spouse believes in you
A child admires you
God hears You
Your friends and family share your
Joys and sorrows.

The blessings in a life
Are given undeserved and freely
To carry you through grief
And harder times
     Times of discouragement
          Times of breathlessness
Always to divide our hearts
    And carry on with life.

The blessings in a life-
Come in all shapes and sizes
All levels of giving to one another
When life grows
And lives merge
And hearts crumble.
d.f.a.v. 7-13-14