The Christmas Light

The lights are lit, some in colors some clear,
Green trees in abundance grace homes with cheer,
Decorations abound for many a mile,
Christmas hopes bring about many a smile.

‘Til the season to give and so we believe,
The presents stacked high for we also receive,
Nativity sets and snowmen grace many a lawn,
Yes, Christmas comes to adult and fawn.

Oh, no, it doesn’t erase all the evil that exists,
Doesn’t replace those we dearly miss,
It can’t undo what evil has wrought,
But for the soul who just a bit caught,

The Christmas Spirit nurtures a flame,
Burning within in God’s holy name.
For God’s love became flesh by a miracle birth,
His Son became man on this earth.

Christmas comes but once a year,
If only for everyone it could bring good cheer,
But it should always remind me and you,
Jesus Christ is the light that makes Christmas true.
          dfav 12/22/16


This Gift

This is a Christmas gift to you,
The most costly present one could give,
Without paper, bow or string,
A gift that can help you truly live.
How you’ve longed for such as this!

No more tearing through your days,
Or restless, sleep deprived, anxious nights,
With tossing, turning or pacing the floor,
But sure assurance it can be made right.
Your heart has cried for such as this!

This gift will eliminate any empty feeling,
Fill you with the Light of true love,
And create in you a need to point the way,
For others to this gift from God above.
Your soul has space for such as this!

Conceived in obedience with the Holy Spirit,
The Baby Jesus born in Bethlehem,
A gift to bridge the gap ‘tween God and us,
He was the Son of God sent to reconcile men.
Your heart rejoices for such as this!
        dfav 12/20/16


Christmas Spirit, You’re Welcome Here

Christmas Spirit, You’re welcome here,
Amongst those I love so dear,
Come and show us once again,
That love can transform any man.

Christmas Spirit, please help us see,
Not the mountain but the possibility.
Keep strong for us Your hopes and dreams,
With a love determined to defeat Evil’s schemes.

Christmas Spirit, fill each ones heart,
With determination to do our part,
To make the world a safer place,
But one that won’t deny Your face.

Christmas Spirit, You’re welcome here,
Spread Your peace both far and near,
Wrap us in Your warmth and grace,
As young Mary did our Lord embrace.
           dfav 12/14/16


There’s Something

There’s something in the eyes.

A never dying hope for peace.

Regardless of the pain,

Miracles still take wing to fly,

When hearts keep love aloft.

There’s something in the voice.

Firm but gentle with true belief,

That evil will not always win,

For sometimes when man has choice,

Someone will choose good.

There’s something in the heart.

A space meant for God alone.

Waiting that we but turn to Him,

And trust Him with each part,

Only then can His creation win.

There’s something in the soul.

That responds to the Holy Spirit,

Reminding us of the baby,

Born over two thousand years ago,

That’s changing lives still.

There’s something in the face.

That’s mirrored on each one here,

For maybe we can understand,

That Christmas takes its place,

In the Christian’s heart and soul.

                  -dfav 12/11/16


It was a Miracle

It was a miracle,
Make no mistake.
A virgin should be with child?
Who’d believe such a thing?
A nation awaiting a coming king?
They should have.
But, most didn’t.

It was a miracle,
Of that be sure.
A man devoted to God agreed to wed,
A woman because God said.
Should’ve reminded He wasn’t dead.
It should have
But few really listened.

It was a miracle,
Yes, how true.
A teenage mom would give birth,
God’s son would come to earth,
Mankind would know his worth.
They should’ve known,
Few paid attention.

Over two thousand years ago,
A baby born, destined to die,
At 33 would die upon a cross,
But that wouldn’t be a total loss,
He’d rise again death’s chains toss,
And everyone should listen,
It’s time to know.

It was a miracle,
Please don’t doubt,
Hear the message with your soul,
Feel the message don’t let go,
Ask God what is your role,
In examining hearts,
While His story unfolds.
              dfav 12/7/16


Silent Night

The imagery of a silent night,
Wee small hours of the morning,
When some are settling into sleep,
Others waking before the dawning.
A silence in which the slightest sound
Will echo down deserted streets,
And if we knew but to lend an ear,
Could hear the newest mother weep.
A child born to those of meager means,
Who found not even a corner of an inn,
Has pushed his way into the world,
Our Savior, Lord and even yes, our friend.
More than two thousand years ago,
Since God’s Son came into the world,
And though we don’t have the day exact,
Through time the celebration has been hurled.
In the twinkle of the lights so bright,
The love from that first Christmas hour,
Is met with all of Heaven’s light,
As love creates its own unique power.
            -dfav 12/4/16




Satan had me bound,
By chains I couldn’t see,
God’s love made them visible,
And He rescued me.
Rising from the irons,
I knew salvation free,
Thought life perfect now,
Discounted my humanity.
After a while I learned,
Sins chains still threatened me,
They could restrain me falsely,
Without the Holy Trinity.
Throughout each day,
God must help me be,
A sinner saved by grace,
That He has forever freed.
                      dfav 4/6/16
— Donna

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #47, 12/24/2015


He sees you,
Do you see Him?
Do you recognize His eyes?
The way His hand feels?
Or is He a complete surprise?
The Son of God at Calvary?
This baby becomes that man,
The God of Him already inside,
From there to then it’s only time.
If you don’t know this Baby Jesus,
Unacquainted with Him on the cross,
Then come and sit and look around,
Perhaps you’ll see why your lost.
And if His eyes are unfamiliar,
As a child and as a man,
Perhaps His voice calling,
Adam? Sons of Adam?
Where are you?
Perhaps His voice rings a bell?
He’s been calling for you by name,
To listen or not is your choice.
What will you choose to do?
This decision can be made by only one,
That one, my friend, is you.
                           dfav 12/24/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #46, 12/23/15


Abba Father,
That is me there, in His eye,
How’d I get there, manger side?
I kneel in wonder, “What or why, ”
“Has sent this Savior to agree to die?”

I stare in wonder and start to cry,
Even at this stable I was on His mind.
Even then only He was true love and kind,
He would bear my sins so I could fly.

Baby Jesus, God’s only Son, He came,
To offer love, truth and kindness too,
Since then my life hasn’t been the same!
That tiny baby could change you true.

Jesus, Sweet Emmanuel, Savior, King,
The Way, The Truth, The Life–He came,
Master, Lord, of Everything,
He had me in His heart, He called my name.
                             dfav 12/22/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #45, 12/23/15


Abba Father,

O Mighty God, O King of Kings,
Teach me now some new things,
Help my mind to explore,
To open each revealed door.

Every woman old enough to realize,
The bravery of a girl Mary’s age and size,
To have set self aside and reputation too,
To obey her God, be holy and true and do,

Everything the Angel told her to expect initially,
Had come and gone almost breathlessly,
And now in strangely, Holy silence, shepherd’s come.
Mary closed memories in her heart to ponder on.

“What a woman,” I want to shout,
As morning erases any doubt,
This thoughtful woman and faithful man.
Have so completed the tasks at hand.
                       dfav 12/23/15