Why does it appear to be,

That some Christian’s are,

So much more happy than me?
Do their bodies never sicken,

Are their skies always blue,

Do their children always listen?
Do their families never fight,

Does everyone eat their veggies?

Somehow that image isn’t right.
Is their faith so much stronger

Have I compromised my soul?

You tarry how much longer?
Life’s not “safe” for anyone,

How do we keep on existing,

‘Til we’re silenced or done?
Don’t understand the smouldering hate,

Dripping from hands and hastening feet,

Don’t understand why I’ve waited too late.
Why pretend it’s of this world, and okay

When will we come to our senses?

And with You usher in a brighter day?
Meanwhile all I know for sure to do,

Is cling tightly to You the living God,

Because only You can be You.

                             dfav 7/28/16


A Lot of Questions Prayer

Why is offending someone so easy?
Hurting someone as common as a sneeze?
Saying “I’m sorry” such a difficult thing?
The slightest hurt so offending?
When did raising self-centered children become okay?
When did God start owing us only great days?
When did violence solve every problem?
Rioting become the way to further resolve’em?
How can we look at nature and deny there’s a God?
When did man create life from sod?
When did we speak a universe into existence?
Create everything from nothing without any resistence?
Why is following God said to be a crutch?
But, consulting a psychic; not so much?
When did outward beauty become the “for all”?
While inward beauty counts little, if at all?
When did my prayers become one question after another?
Marriage not solely between a father and mother?
When did God’s Word become pick and choose?
When did that become a win not a lose?
Lord God, can you hear my prayer?
Oh Holy God help us out down here?

So, this is Life

Photo collage created using Photoshop. Artwork, poem & photography originals by the poet.
Life, doesn’t rhyme.
Or measure out in,
Equal beats and rhythm.
Soundtracks don’t play,
Alerts to big moments.
Words in hearts,
Don’t waltz out dainty,
Or step gently around,
The realities going on.
Curtains and carpets,
Don’t go together.
Feelings don’t fit,
With what’s going down.
Life isn’t sanitized,
It’s messy and massive.
While prayer and God,
Make the stuff work,
And He weaves a masterpiece,
From the whole of it,
No one sees its beauty,
Sometimes in a lifetime.
God does.
And when we give Him,
All of everything,
He gives us peace in storms.
Shelters from harshness.
Ways where none exist.
Music from experience,
And it’s wrapped in love,
The gift of His arms,
Spread out on the cross,
The miracle of a fish breakfast,
On the shoreline of forgiveness.
Because He’s stronger,
Than Death and Sin.
So this is life,
It’s rhythm and rhyme,
Uneven, but matched,
And I’m grateful.
          d.f.a.v. 7/8/15

Cottage by the Sea #18 7/7/15


Abba Father;
In my dreams I walk,
On two healthy legs,
Two healthy feet,
And sometimes I run,
Or sail the ocean free,
Traveling on toward the Son.

Those dreams so real,
That when I wake,
I expect to walk,
I am ready to dance,
Until that moment,
I realize I have no chance.

And I come running here,
To our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
This place in my heart,
Where we come to meet,
Designed for my limits,
Our heart retreat.

Though sometimes I stay,
Totally in the real,
Pretend doesn’t change,
What is still is,
But like my dreams,
I need here, this.

A place to retreat,
Talk about the difficult,
The good and ugly,
Surrender in prayer,
Break down my pride,
Give myself to Your care.

What life denys me,
Here You’ve prepared,
A seamless safe place,
That helps fill me up,
When the world,
Drains my cup.

I’m not crazy,
I know this isn’t real,
Not real brick and stone,
But in my heart,
Our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Has its part.
So let the storms roll,

Let the waves crash,
The seagulls call,
The ocean give back,
All it ever stole,
Our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Has its role.

Let’s take up a bundle,
From the Hidden Room,
And thrash it out,
Set things right,
Guide my prayers,
Reveal Your Light.

Ride out the storm,
Admit my sins,
Face my fears,
Forgive again, again.
Refine my heart
You must win.
d.f.a.v. 7/7/15.

He Sees in You?

There was something about David, Moses and Abraham,
Something about Jacob, Joseph and Ruth.
God said they were after His heart,
And they endured for God so they’d never be apart.

He saw that same something in Solemn,
Jonah, Peter, James and John had it too,
That same in the Samaritan woman,
And God sees it in you, child, woman or man.

It wasn’t perfection and everything right,
It wasn’t brilliance or earthly wealth,
But something else God saw in them.
What really drew Him to them, them to Him?

God saw it in Martha, Mary and Lazarus,
Saw it in Spurgeon, Weasley and Graham,
God saw this specialness in each,
Saw it in their hearts, heard it in their speech.

There was something about these followers,
Something strong, clean and brave,
Something God doesn’t want anyone to doubt.
What He saw in them is what relationship is about.

They were day-to-day people in ordinary time,
People with choices they sometimes made right,
Men and women laying their lives on the line,
To serve a God who’d last for all time.

When you’ve finished reading this poem,
And you’re unsure what to think,
Look in the mirror of God’s eyes reflection,
What He saw in them He sees in you His creation.
                 d.f.a.v. 6/1/15


We’re afraid of them.
They can be cruel.
In anger and hate.
Understanding their power.
We’re so cautious.
Afraid to say truths.
Economizing words.
Like we’ll run out.
Give description, solace.
Keys to heart doors.
Heart eyes to beauty.
A soul beyond misery.
Let me speak, write.
Show you cobalt blue.
Heartache and red lipstick.
Mysteries beneath surfaces.
Stop being afraid.
Must be shown eventually.
Spoken even ugliness subsides.
Underestimate their strength.
It is by The Word.
Is awaken for God.
With the Holy Spirit.
Comprise God’s message to us.

God Cares

Does God care when I’m sad and blue?
I believe He does, how about you?
Does He care if I suffer needlessly?
Or if its the consequences of my choices coming naturally?
I think God cares whenever I hurt,
But He doesn’t allow me a payday to shirk.
Does the Father care about the football game win?
Or the gender we are or the color of our skin?
Does He care if we’ve walls of first places
Or trophies galore, or prizes for our faces?
Do You think He can stomach our need to win
Anymore perhaps, than our need to sin?
God is about love, justice, redemption and grace,
He knows every hair on our heads every line on our face.
God loves us all, I know it’s true
That doesn’t extend to covering up for me or you.
He cares that we’re fed, our basic needs covered
Whether it’s thrift store finds or high end fluff and flutter
He isn’t having angels like cheerleaders jumping up and down
But God is proof a truer friend can’t be found.
Yes, God’s in the details of our lives
We must understand this as we strive
For as God cares for the person as well as the soul
Never a truer friend can we behold.
Take a deeper look than a shallow glance
God’s caring for us makes our souls dance.
                                         d.f.a.v. 9/11/12

The Nose is Getting Nosey


Sometimes we don’t see very well.
Not like we don’t have 20/20 vision
or glasses or contacts to wear.

And I’m not talking about the glasses you drink out of. Obviously you’d look kind of silly with drinking glasses pressed over your eyes. I mean corrective lenses.

Which is weird because do you ever see lenses being corrective? Aren’t they usually just hanging around on your nose? And come to think about it, what has your nose got to do with seeing anyway?

Really if the eyes just did their job of seeing (exception of course for eyes that are actually blind) instead of bringing the nose into it wouldn’t sight be all the better for it? Unless of course you’re in the dark and know there’s a tub of chopped onions by the door well then your nose could sniff your whole body over to the door. But, really? Who would have a tub of chopped onions by their door? Not sure your neighbors would appreciate that odor wafting down the hallways of your apartment building.
So if you’re living in an apartment I wouldn’t think the onions by the door would help your sight because your neighbors might get mad and shove your head into the onions and you’d end up crying. And your nose would run. And why would the nose take on the task of the legs anyway?

Boy, that nose is nosey isn’t it? First seeing for the eyes now running for the legs? I hear it helps out the mouth with tasting too. What’s next? Is it going to think for the brain? Sure hope the brain has the good sense to tell the nose, “No thank you”. But then again is the brain ordering the eyes not to see so the nose gets pulled into seeing and you end up with your head in a tub of chopped onions and your nose starts running for the legs? No wonder we can’t see, we keep over thinking the situation and we’re blind to what’s right in front of us.

God created our body with lots of parts and every part has a purpose and for the most part they’re not interchangeable. Even if they are it involves moving, oh say a kidney or a lung, to another person. Doctors just don’t go in and flip things around in our bodies because the different parts are equipped to do one speciality. I mean our body parts aren’t Legos!

Point is the church is like our bodies and everyone has their part, the thing God equipped them to do within the body of Christ. His church.

So are you an eye trying to get your nose to see for you or your nose to run for you? Leave that nose alone and let it deal with it’s own business. Get busy in your church doing your part and no one has their head in a tub of chopped onions for being nosey. Now has anyone seen my glasses?.

I Found God Today

Searched for You today
Your Spirit told me You were in Your Word
Ancient literature? Yes and no but more
The history of a Chosen People
And the record of we grafted in
By the blood of Christ.

Searched for You today
There You were during prayer
No formula. Simple talk with You.
A conversation between Father and daughter
And the awareness You are
But always a simple prayer away.

Searched for You today.
You peeked out at me from of all places
The stack of mail and one envelope
Reminder You are the Lord who will provide.
Thank You for providing
Thank You for being there.

Searched for You today
There You were in small comforts
A warm drink, my daughter’s smile
The comfort of my husband’s arms
The peace in the Scriptures
The fullness of You in Your time.
         D.f.a.v.   8/29/14