Who Are We?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Who are we if not the sum of all we are?
If not all the losses and the wins,
Not the scars and the healings?
If not the child and the parent,
Not the enemy and the friend?
Who are we if not the sinner and the saint,
Not the doubter and the confident?
If not the unfaithful and the faithful,
Not the unbeliever and the Believer?
If not the lazy and industrious?
Not the ignorant and the educated,
If not the wrong and the right,
How do we separate these from who we are?
It is only in the individual's decision
To surrender their life completely to Christ,
For He has paid the price for each of us,
Poured out His self and His very blood,
In His innocence became our crimes,
Then in His death emerged the Victor
And offers each of us the chance to believe?
Then how, if this decision is genuine,
Do we live our lives in boxes?
Keep God in a box separate from the rest?
He, our Father who gave His son as our Redeemer
And wants only for us what is best?

Who are you if not the sum of all you are?
If not the same things that I am,
Not the 

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