Footsteps in the Hall

Photo by Aa Dil on

Footsteps shuffle down the hall,

Drag, shuffle, drag…

Rearrange my face to smile,

Everything is going to be okay,

What else should I do or say?

Hurry to cook another dinner,

To bring it to the table on time…

Another meal he can’t eat,

Weighted head bent to sleep,

I turn my face so he can’t see me weep.

Another test, another scan to do,

A list of what and what not…

Check again, are we prepared?

Desperation cracks his voice,

We won’t give up this is our choice.

He sleeps and I stay awake,

I guard hoping death doesn’t steal…

Though I know it’s not up to us.

Prayers for healing, enlightenment,

Pleas for strength and empowerment.

When will this darkness end?

Please God, honor our faith in You…

Help us be faithful always.

Carry us through this storm,

Strengthen us though we are worn.



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