All of Us Have not Forgotten

There are 2977 plus souls somewhere

Who died for their country that day,

When jihadists found a deceptive way

To attack and destroy part of America.

Before the dust had settled

American’s of every color, gender, creed

Rose as one to overcome evil’s deed

To send the hate on it’s way.

We mourned and we called upon God

Such hate and anger we didn’t understand,

We stood as one people hand in hand

When they attacked America that day.

That time of unity didn’t survive

And today New York City dies from within

Good is lost in evil’s twisted hated grin

With riots, burning, destruction and crime.

Their leaders, as so many others,

Blame COVID, police brutality, Trump and racism,

This is why we’re being forced into socialism

A dark movement sweeping the land.

Those 2977 plus souls looking at us,

Those who tragically died in 2001,

Are weeping wondering who really won,

Was it us or was it them?

This day if we could push pause

Remember that day the towers fell

And that this is America not hell.

Find love is enough for good to prevail?

-dfav 9/8/2020

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