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Cottage-by-the-Sea, #2, 2017

The waves are host to Your fingerprints,
With waves You set racing one another
With just the suggestion of Your hand,
The froth waves give chase to land.

In the depths of water life exists and grows,
Some of which You bless to man to partake,
Others serve purposes only You understand,
But all designed and customized by Your hand.

‘Tis a marvel this sea You did create,
It’s majesty and wonders so wild,
Your power is here so mighty and grand,
A glorious work of life, water, salt, and sand.

But, You cannot be limited to a sea,
An ocean, no border can limit You,
You surge forth on unseen strands,
Redeeming mankind with Christ’s out flung hands.
           dfav 2/10/17


Child, About the Future

Dear One,

There’s coming a day,
It approaches quickly,
When what we say,
Regardless of it,
Goes another way
Than into your heart.

There’s nights ahead,
In the near future,
When what you’ve read,
Will feel over run,
By emotions fed,
From a broken heart.

You’re going so fast
Into adulthood,
But wisdom comes last
After life is lived,
Creating markers in the past
That say you were here.

Besides our love for you,
You face adulthood,
With God’s love too,
Always He will guide
You in all you do,
Please listen to Him.

If you have doubts,
About what we’ve said,
It’ll help you out
To remember to pray to God,
He’ll guide your route,
To His pathways.
        -dfav 2/7/17


Plain Put Poem on Bullying

Our children come home asking,
“What does this word mean?”,
And the label is vile and vulgar,
You can’t ignore the question,
And answering is one of those
“Square your shoulders and be an adult” moments,
And our children look as if struck by ten ton beams,
Someone called them “that”? “Why?”

You realize, again, how useless are platitudes,
“Sticks and stones… Words will never hurt me.”
Wrong! Worthless as saying,
“It doesn’t matter we know the truth.”
But 99 out of 100 kids at school?
They believe this lie that morphs into
A life of its own before the 3:00 bell,
And how useless is it to say, “Let it be”?
Or talking to the school?

Anti-bullying policies may be tough on paper,
But the underbelly of them reeks,
Teachers can’t be there every second,
Police can’t monitor every social media site,
Friends have to go home sometime,
Self-defense only gets everyone in trouble,
Every temporary plug eventually leaks,
Being bullied hurts us all the way through.

So we’re left with why it happens,
And here’s the truth, we teach it.
Yes, we do, we create lies instead of accept facts in life,
We exaggerate mistakes to make ourselves look better,
We fight to have our rights, regardless.
We spread gossip like fertilizer,
We’re quick to protest rather than sit,
And examine the truth.

We promote our arrogance in our ignorance,
Our pride waves before humbleness,
Our tempers speak without filters,
Our actions make lies of our promises,
Sending mixed messages to our children,
Castrates our men and violates our women,
All the while saying “don’t bully” with falseness,
That’s why our children bully, you know, don’t you?

We don’t want it to be what it is but it is,
Because we have taught them,
Demand tolerance for your differences,
But don’t tolerate someone else’s.
Claim every privilege and blessing as your right,
And never, ever yield to the greater good,
Above all else pretend not to keep score but win,
This is the truth of bullying.

Until we teach everyone something different,
This is only going to worsen,
Fester like an untreated infection
Covered with pretty bandages,
Eased pain with misused medicine or pot,
While we dance around the issues,
Blame Hollywood for the cursin’,
But truth is that bullying starts at home.
       -dfav 1/31/17


God Does Love Us

God does love us,
Loves us as we are,
Flawed, silly, cracked creations,
With misguided good intentions,
Ones to poorly reasoned to express,
We do need His holy direction,
Before the sun goes down today.

God does love us,
Loves us as we are,
Weary, worn-out, dazed soldiers,
Battling still the his and her’s,
When it’s time to harvest,
We’re too weak to bring
The bounty in.

God does love us,
Do we love him?
In our rush to grab the brass ring
Have we forgotten the most important thing?
Is yielding to His Lordship,
It makes His perfect heart sing,
When we willfully obey.
          dfav 1/31/17