Still You

In the aftermath of the storm,
When the rains are pouring,
The winds still howling,
I am straining to look ahead,
To do as You had said,
To follow You.

When the winds calmed down,
But the roof still leaked,
The walls were sagging,
I am left struggling to hear You,
To clearly follow through,

When the best we had was gone,
Shifting rags hoping for usable bits,
Finding unrecognizable pieces for whole,
Am I still convinced You are Jehovah God?
This path I trod,
Outlined by You?

One day this trouble won’t even be a memory,
When Heaven’s gates are flung open wide,
The family at last all been gathered,
Heaven echoing with Your very voice,
Please let my choice
Have been, You.
         dfav 2/11/17


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