Cottage-by-the-Sea, #2, 2017

The waves are host to Your fingerprints,
With waves You set racing one another
With just the suggestion of Your hand,
The froth waves give chase to land.

In the depths of water life exists and grows,
Some of which You bless to man to partake,
Others serve purposes only You understand,
But all designed and customized by Your hand.

‘Tis a marvel this sea You did create,
It’s majesty and wonders so wild,
Your power is here so mighty and grand,
A glorious work of life, water, salt, and sand.

But, You cannot be limited to a sea,
An ocean, no border can limit You,
You surge forth on unseen strands,
Redeeming mankind with Christ’s out flung hands.
           dfav 2/10/17


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