Great Expectations

Photographer: dfav 7/2010. Window resides in Surgeon Memorial Baptist Church, Norfolk, VA.

We normally expect our parents
To love us regardless.
But, we have to admit there
Are exceptions to our hope.
Even if we don’t like to admit
Those exist, they do.
For those exceptions we help
Those who need to cope.
Maybe, someone else steps in
With a taste of unconditional love?
Or we have to swallow our pride,
Because we drove them away?
Even though we want it differently
Truth lives where it resides.

We expect God to be love and love us
Like we want Him too.
I’ve learned God can’t be boxed up,
And sometimes He is wild.
Even when I think I know Him,
He proves Himself differently,
Showing love, forgiveness, mercy,
All raging fierce to mild.
He never promised fallen mankind
Love without expectations,
He even set conditions in stone,
Then also into the hearts of man,
To love others as He loves us,
This is how He set the tone.

God isn’t a flesh and blood parent,
He doesn’t care about my expectations,
Nor does He care if here
I’m happy or comfortable.
He cares about my eternal soul
And restoring me to Him.
That picture is what calms me
Rests my fears, leaves me stable.
Yes, He loves me, unconditionally
But with Holy expectations.
My choice is to obey Him or not.
That freewill He gifts to me.
What will I decide today,
A lesson I sometimes have forgot.
        dfav 1/29/17


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