Prayer for the New President

Photographer & Creator of flag: Angel Kaye

May the leadership mantle
Granted to you today
Never sit with you well.
May it always chaff you,
Always threaten to topple you,
Because it is serious.
Even in lighter moments of humor
Your office cannot be taken lightly.

May the job you’ve agreed to do,
Always come before all else,
Even family and holidays,
Because it has no time off,
No responsibilities to put off,
Or decisions you can delegate
To escape having to make them.
This job begins and ends with you.

May those who openly despise you,
Always be truthful in their hate,
They’re easier to handle
Than those who are pretending,
Than those who are fair-weathering,
And you stand a better chance
Of changing their hearts with honesty,
Than those sneaking around you.

May this leadership weigh heavy,
And push you to your knees,
Where you turn to God and
You learn to trust openingly in Him.
May you know Him as you’ve never known Him,
Thanks to the station of this job,
The responsibilities you now have,
The leadership of America.
                dfav 1/22/17


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