A Memory Slice

The memories slice right to my heart,
Reminding me of a separate time,
When I believed myself to be,
A woman who’d cast her own part.
Who stood up and saw the prize,
Bent will to work and determined win,
Daily gave only my absolute best,
Shoved forth the smile, left behind the sighs.
I believed she was who You meant me to be,
Assisting those whose greater work,
Was to save “at-risk youths” and family,
Help them healthy in mind and spirit be.
Though Your name could not be freely spoke,
It mattered little if we but kept them well,
Surely someone else would plant Your seed,
We would certainly break burdensome yokes.
Yet I see now between those pictured memories,
How wrong to do good for good’s sake alone!
I offered hope of merely man kinds hand,
Not of You Lord, who would have set them free.
          dfav 1/19/17


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