It was a Miracle

It was a miracle,
Make no mistake.
A virgin should be with child?
Who’d believe such a thing?
A nation awaiting a coming king?
They should have.
But, most didn’t.

It was a miracle,
Of that be sure.
A man devoted to God agreed to wed,
A woman because God said.
Should’ve reminded He wasn’t dead.
It should have
But few really listened.

It was a miracle,
Yes, how true.
A teenage mom would give birth,
God’s son would come to earth,
Mankind would know his worth.
They should’ve known,
Few paid attention.

Over two thousand years ago,
A baby born, destined to die,
At 33 would die upon a cross,
But that wouldn’t be a total loss,
He’d rise again death’s chains toss,
And everyone should listen,
It’s time to know.

It was a miracle,
Please don’t doubt,
Hear the message with your soul,
Feel the message don’t let go,
Ask God what is your role,
In examining hearts,
While His story unfolds.
              dfav 12/7/16


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