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I Believe

The views expressed in this poem are those of the poet.  Me, myself and I.  As much as I believe in these things and more, I also believe you have the right to express and own your own opinions and beliefs.  More than anything, I believe America owes a huge debt of gratitude to those past and present who have served in times of peace and war, within our boundaries and outside them, to create this country and maintain our freedoms.

My personal veteran, my husband.

I don’t believe in violence,
I don’t believe the hue of a person’s skin,
Or who they choose to love,
Or what country they were born in,
Makes them better or less than,
The rest of the population.

I do believe in common sense,
I do believe there’s more than one way to win,
I do believe when push comes to shove,
There’s right and wrong and sin is sin,
And of wrong God is no fan,
Even if we’re a hurting nation.

I don’t believe it’s right to burn our flag,
I don’t believe it’s cool to break the law,
I don’t believe bullying solves anything,
Nor do temper tantrums in the streets,
For when our arrogance shows,
None of us are attractive people.

I do believe in a simpler life without hash tags,
I do believe in the power of hammer and saw,
I do believe in God and the power of praying,
And this is a time for knees not feet,
For few of us know,
The cost of our freedoms for home and steeple.

               dfav 11/11/16




It was one word,
Eleven letters,
A description of,
A feeling—
Spoken with a tone,
Robotic and cold,
Lending weight to,
A feeling—
Said with no expression,
To mar the face,
Of its speaker,
A feeling—
It was one word,
That shattered,
A heart—
Fifteen of love,
In the cross hairs,
Aimed precisely at,
A heart—
Injured almost to death,
But a mother’s love,
Only outshone by God,
A heart—
Whose very being defies, indifference.

            dfav 11/6/16


The “Be’s”

Seems I’m always trying to “be more”,
“Be more” kind,
“Be more” loving,
“Be more” thoughtful,
As if “be more” were some magical door,
That opens to a happier life.

Or I’m trying to “be better at”,
“Be better at” stewardship,
“Be better at” cleaning,
“Be better at” understanding,
As if by “being better at” is the welcome mat,
To happily ever after.

Then there are days I’m determined to be “a better”,
“A better” wife,
“A better” mother,
“A better” friend,
As if by being a “better” turns sweet the bitter,
Sorrows and struggles of life.

My role in life isn’t about a “be” at all,
Except the Beatitudes,
That Jesus spoke,
Over 2000 years ago,
Those are a plan for living out the call,
To be a better woman of faith.

My prayer becomes, “Lord, let me be,
Loving like You,
Giving like You,
Sacrificial like You.”
For the peace of all eternity,
Is found dear Lord, in You.
            dfav 11/6/16


Familiar Fork

How often have I been here?
This fork in the road,
Which Frost did write,
And know I had the choice?
How many hours wasted,
As I struggled to do right?

Only now to come again?
Can this really be,
Same decision to be made?
Or does my heart,
Want to blame,
The butler or the maid?

I must face this fork,
With new information,
And must understand,
The journey and experiences,
Will indeed be difficult,
But God with me will stand.

Though my heart be crushed,
Even if I am beaten,
Or my body hungry,
I must take the
Road less traveled,
For my soul is hungry.

To love with His love,
See with His eyes,
Hear what He hears,
Then I must,
Have my heart broken,
Eyes opened, ears to hear.

His steps to follow,
His truth to share,
His strength sustain me.
I stand at this fork,
And turn to travel,
The way Christ leads me.
          dfav 11/02/16