For Those Hurting too Much to Remember

Lord, it’s not always easy for a heart to follow a calendar.
To feel the sweetness of romantic love on Valentine’s Day,
Or rejuvenated as Spring arrives with Easter,
Perhaps celebrating Independence Day hurts pride in some way?
So feeling thankful because Thanksgiving rolls round?
Sometimes we’re hurting so much we think gratitude impossible.
Or counting our blessings makes us to keenly aware,
Of loved ones whose voices are now only echoing sounds.
Some of those have left us but not this life,
And others You’ve welcomed home at evening tide.
Sometimes our losses seem so achingly filled,
We can’t see beyond our sorrows to the blessings side.
This year Lord, let me say Thank You for those who can’t.
Those who are sick, in body, spirit or heart,
Who simply have reached a dark place on their journey,
Lord, accept please my gratitude for their part.
Thank You for providing for us all year round,
Regardless of the date on the calendar or time on the clock,
Thank You for not limiting gratitude or love,
Thank You for always providing for your flock.
May each one who is struggling with the holiday season this year,
Find Your love and presence over flowing in the days to come,
Bind their wounds, heal their hearts, free their spirits,
‘Til they remember very clearly where their blessings come from.
                  dfav 11/22/16


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