He was ready–
His soul was longing for a place
He’d never seen before.
It had an imprint on his heart,
Left an awareness at its door.
He was ready–
Sometimes it seemed forever,
He’d been traveling his road,
Storms sometimes would hinder,
Life would hand him heavy loads.
He was ready–
There were also respites,
When the Son would clearly shine,
But always he looked ahead,
Be the weather angry or fine.
He was ready–
He was sure, for certain, positive,
This eternal residence was there,
He only needed to move forward,
Trust God who said, “I care”.
He was ready–
He took his last step this week,
At last he made it home,
His journey here was over,
This earth he will no longer roam.
He was ready–
For the place our Father prepared,
A home to live eternally with Him,
And even prepared a way to reconcile,
To redeem men from their sins.
He was ready–
My friend, are you prepared,
Should your journey end today?
There are no bags to pack,
Do you hear the Father say,
He was ready,
Are you?
               dfav 11/17/16


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