The “Be’s”

Seems I’m always trying to “be more”,
“Be more” kind,
“Be more” loving,
“Be more” thoughtful,
As if “be more” were some magical door,
That opens to a happier life.

Or I’m trying to “be better at”,
“Be better at” stewardship,
“Be better at” cleaning,
“Be better at” understanding,
As if by “being better at” is the welcome mat,
To happily ever after.

Then there are days I’m determined to be “a better”,
“A better” wife,
“A better” mother,
“A better” friend,
As if by being a “better” turns sweet the bitter,
Sorrows and struggles of life.

My role in life isn’t about a “be” at all,
Except the Beatitudes,
That Jesus spoke,
Over 2000 years ago,
Those are a plan for living out the call,
To be a better woman of faith.

My prayer becomes, “Lord, let me be,
Loving like You,
Giving like You,
Sacrificial like You.”
For the peace of all eternity,
Is found dear Lord, in You.
            dfav 11/6/16


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