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From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #19, On Adoption

Thank You Abba Father, for adoption.
For this way that helped us be a forever family.
Thank You Lord for every successful adoption story,
For each one brings You honor and glory.

Thank You Father for caseworkers, attorneys and courts,
For each has a job to do in each individual case.
Thank You Almighty, for each precious child,
For each tear they shed, the shy and the wild.

Thank You Jehovah, for each adoptive parent who exists,
Who opened their hearts and stepped up to care.
Thank You Abba Father, for biological parents too.
Those who gave willingly and those who had to be made to do.

Thank You Lord, for the system, though it may not always work.
Its intention is noble, it’s purpose for good.
Thank You Almighty, the I Am, for the example You gave,
By willingly adopting us the way has been paved.

Most of all Abba, thank You for my precious child,
Who calls me “Mama” and was born in my heart.
Though parenting isn’t simple or easy always,
You’ve given us what we need each and every day.
        -dav 11/22/12. Revised 11/30/16.


Their Voices

Bright shining faces,

Beaming with smiles,

Does anybody know Lord,

The pain in their miles?

The miles they’ve walked,

From this place to there,

In need of a home

Somebody to care.

A parent to love them,

A place that is “home”,

They need a Forever Family.

Too soon they’ll be grown.

Each has a story,

Each have a voice,

Each has a need.

We have a choice!

Do we see them?

Do we hear their voice?

Will we meet their need?

Make them your choice?
            -dfav 11-1-12 Revised 11/29/16


My Wishes

My Wishes -Originally 11/12/13 on this blog.

I wish I knew their names.

The names of every parent

Who adopted a child.

I wish I could thank them.

Face to face with sincerity

For their love given.

I wish I could know

The children they’ve accepted,

Who they love as their own.

I wish we could have

A great big party to celebrate

The creation of a Forever Family.

I wish no child

Would go to bed without parents,

Without a home to call their own.

I wish I could do more

Than pray or draw attention to

National Adoption Awareness Month.

I wish just one more child,

Could find a Forever Family

Because it’s the right thing to do.

I wish those ones

Would soon add up to all.

So every child has a family of their own.

I wish I could say thank you

To all the people who make

Adoption dreams come true.

Would I be saying thank you

To you, or you, or you

Or maybe to one of you?
                  dfav 11/18/13


For Those Hurting too Much to Remember

Lord, it’s not always easy for a heart to follow a calendar.
To feel the sweetness of romantic love on Valentine’s Day,
Or rejuvenated as Spring arrives with Easter,
Perhaps celebrating Independence Day hurts pride in some way?
So feeling thankful because Thanksgiving rolls round?
Sometimes we’re hurting so much we think gratitude impossible.
Or counting our blessings makes us to keenly aware,
Of loved ones whose voices are now only echoing sounds.
Some of those have left us but not this life,
And others You’ve welcomed home at evening tide.
Sometimes our losses seem so achingly filled,
We can’t see beyond our sorrows to the blessings side.
This year Lord, let me say Thank You for those who can’t.
Those who are sick, in body, spirit or heart,
Who simply have reached a dark place on their journey,
Lord, accept please my gratitude for their part.
Thank You for providing for us all year round,
Regardless of the date on the calendar or time on the clock,
Thank You for not limiting gratitude or love,
Thank You for always providing for your flock.
May each one who is struggling with the holiday season this year,
Find Your love and presence over flowing in the days to come,
Bind their wounds, heal their hearts, free their spirits,
‘Til they remember very clearly where their blessings come from.
                  dfav 11/22/16


Thank You, Lord

It’s nearly Thanksgiving,
And I want to say “Thanks”.
Not because it’s expected,
But because I mean it,
From the depths of my heart,
Thank You, Lord.

With all sincerity,
Let me offer You these thoughts,
For I realize You deserve
Far more than words,
But deeds of faith and service,
To thank You, Lord.

In earnest love,
May You see my steps,
Moving forward to Heaven’s realm,
Where You preside over all,
Not me stuck on here and now.
I must say thank You, Lord.

With pure gratitude,
I thank You for everything,
My family and my friends,
My church and hospice team,
Everyone who’s in my life,
I thank You for them, Lord.

In thanks giving,
I thank You for every prayer,
Those You said yes to and
Mostly those You said no about.
Because You understand,
And I thank You, Lord.
             dfav 11/21/16


What Eye Cannot See

 Though I see so faintly

The outline of my home’s shore,

I know it’s there as always,

My Father standing at the door.

Though the light is far away

Appearing wane and weak,

I know the hearth fires burn,

Love the language that it speaks.

Though my eyes fail me now,

In my mind I see the window,

I know my Father is peering out,

Looking for me high and low.

Though the fog hasn’t lifted

And it blankets the way home,

They will wait a bit longer now,

This life has me on loan.

Though I see so faintly

The front door flings open wide,

Closer today than ever,

To the day He calls me inside.

Though my eyes can’t see

As clearly as I want to,

I’m on this journey for this time,

The most fulfilling thing I’ll ever do.

                dfav 11/20/16



He was ready–
His soul was longing for a place
He’d never seen before.
It had an imprint on his heart,
Left an awareness at its door.
He was ready–
Sometimes it seemed forever,
He’d been traveling his road,
Storms sometimes would hinder,
Life would hand him heavy loads.
He was ready–
There were also respites,
When the Son would clearly shine,
But always he looked ahead,
Be the weather angry or fine.
He was ready–
He was sure, for certain, positive,
This eternal residence was there,
He only needed to move forward,
Trust God who said, “I care”.
He was ready–
He took his last step this week,
At last he made it home,
His journey here was over,
This earth he will no longer roam.
He was ready–
For the place our Father prepared,
A home to live eternally with Him,
And even prepared a way to reconcile,
To redeem men from their sins.
He was ready–
My friend, are you prepared,
Should your journey end today?
There are no bags to pack,
Do you hear the Father say,
He was ready,
Are you?
               dfav 11/17/16


Hope Transcends

Hope lives here,
Not always content,
Not always well rested,
Or without shed tears,
But hope lives here.

Hope exists within,
Sometimes under protest,
Sometimes with caution,
Often wounded to win,
But hope exists within.

Hope dwells inside,
Every human heart,
Every soul truly alive,
Should love within abide,
Hope dwells inside.

Hope blooms despite,
Of roaring lions,
Of depressive powers,
Love feeds hope so right,
For hope blooms despite.

Hope generates hope,
Though chances falter,
Though roads seem lost,
And weary hearts must cope,
Hope generates hope.

Hope flies free here,
Given by God,
Given one breath,
Though year turns to years,
Hope flies free here.

Hope transcends this life,
Reminding each of us,
Reminding life of each,
That this life has its strife,
But hope transcends this life.
           dfav 11/15/16


Cottage-by-the-Sea #12

The waves are merely lapping,
Strangely nearly still mere brushes on the sand.
Where are the wild crashing waves,
Hurling repeatedly like mad onto land?

In this peaceful sea’s depths You call to me,
“Come and sit and meditate a while,
Your heart and soul are troubled,
Cast off your burdens from each mile.”

“Oh, yes, I’ll meet You here Abba Father.
Your presence will warm me in the chill,
And Your comfort will be as gentle,
As the sea oats swaying on the hill.”

The waves will resume their wild crashing,
Slapping insistent at the shore,
And as always somewhere in Your heaven,
Waves are playing and laughing at Your door.

This world is but a badly reflected image,
Of the home You’ve prepared for us with You,
Where even the waves and grains of sand,
Sing honor and praise to You too.
              dfav 11/15/16


Southern Fall

The last rose shivers on rose bush row,
Ivy green clings bravely to the vine,

The newborn tippity-tap of babies toes

Are now the sure footed steps of the grown.  

The swallows flew south this morning,

The Canadian geese pass overhead,

Animals who burrow in tree and ground

Are lining nests and making their beds.  

Lacy canopies of russet and gold,

Line the bridle paths winding below,

Leaves dance in breeze blown cold

Twirling, swirling red, gold and orange.  

Sunrise glitters on frosted ground,

Fall in the South shows off so well

Like lovely ladies determined to impress.

Though sundown brings a deeper chill.

Mums hold aloft petaled heads,

Pansies wink their purple eyes,

Shrubbery stands erect in flower beds,

Heralds that the summer’s done.  

Stews and soups bubble on the stove,

Families gather in their cozy lairs,

In the orchards and the groves,

Pickers pluck apple trees completely bare.  

Hayrides delight the young and old,

No better season of life I know,

A time when the air seems so bold

Fall falls gracefully on my Southern home.    

       -d.f.a.v. 11/11/12

Enjoy your fall season!


Originally published here 11/11/12.