So Says the Daughter of a King

The Creator of all that is pure and good,
Lord, God, Most High King, I Am.
You’re whose daughter I’m blessed to be.
Though my sinful nature would argue to cast me away,
There’s an adoption seal upon my heart,
A permanent mark least anyone claim not to see,
And it allows me to bring before You everything,

So I do, as your daughter, O King of Kings.

Though I face consequences for my actions,
You’re swift to forgive, to help, to understand,
If I am genuine in my repentance to You,
You will stand to help me, protect me,
And if I suffer from a bad choice,
It is because I choose to walk outside of You,
But in time You will use what’s meant for bad as good,
As good.

I am the Daughter of the King of Kings.

                    dfav 10/19/16


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