Something More

In every sunrise there’s sign of Your welcome,
In every stroke of color, proof of Your creativity,
In every birth proof of Your ingenuity,
Every glory and act of nature proof of Your power.
A child sits on a weathered olé log,
Surrounded by a symphony they cannot repeat,
A farmer looks over fields meant to yield crops,
A grown woman stares at the stars overhead,
All experience You from a place of connectivity—
Without formal sermons or explanations,
You can call mankind to You freely,
With a promise of something most importantly.
Heart to heart You set to remind us,
Regardless of age or gender,
You romance us to try Your being,
Who to us by Your nature of who You are,
With You we have hope, without You we don’t.
Let’s lift our hearts to You wholeheartedly,
For the “something more” You provide,
Is in every breath we take.
              dfav 10/18/16


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