Do I Want to Know You?

Father God,
You knit me together,
Cell by cell,
In my mother’s womb,
You have a plan and purpose,
For everyone,
Some never know for they fail,
To ever acknowledge Your call.
I know You as Savior,
I have heard Your call,
And I know there’s more…
You know the number of hairs,
On my head,
Every thought I’ve ever had,
Every deed I’ve ever done.
So why am I embarrassed,
To think of one hundred percent,
Pure honesty between us?
Little late for that as,
You are omnipresent and omniscient.
You know the number of my days,
And the freckles on my nose.
Abba, You already know me,
Better than I know myself.
Still, it’s hard to invite You,
To increase the depth of,
Our walk together.
I’m here though, flaws and all.
I want to know You as well,
As You know me.
I’ve got so much to learn,
And I keep discovering much,
I didn’t know about me.
But, You know that already,
Don’t You Abba Father?
             dfav 10/17/16


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