My First Love

Your love for Your Children is inspiring,
You have been loved by them at times,
But even when they’ve turned their back,
You’ve kept on wooing and loving.

I have read Your letters to them,
I have come to You and You’ve taken me as one,
Your daughter by adoption through Yourself,
Yourself in flesh as Your Son, as Him.

Now, I read Your words and I am drawn,
Drawn to Your heart expressions,
Hungry to be loved like You love them,
From one evening past the next days dawn.

Oh, my Abba Father, invade, my heart,
Though I cannot understand Your love,
With my head I can know You,
My heart must grasp You, it’s missing part.

Please speak to me as You have Israel,
Teach me to love like You love,
Create in me a deeper hunger for You,
Let me never forget Your love is real.

Be the Love of my life that sets the standard,
The love by which all other loves are measured,
That which all other love examines itself,
To speak so sweetly and all love rendered.

Be, Sweet Jesus, my first true love,
Wash me free of all pretense, make-believe,
You are the Lord God Jehovah,
Let us fit together like a hand fits glove.
                 dfav 10/16/16


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