You are I Am

You are God.
You are Sovereign.
You are I Am.
You hurt when I hurt.
You bottle my tears.
You know who I am.

You are MY Savior.
You are Immanuel.
You are truth.
You are Righteous.
You are Holy.
You are love’s proof.

Trust placed in You.
Is not placed blindly,
Nor in vain.
Trust in You,
Is ancient,
Known before pain.

I will trust You,
Imperfect, wicked me,
I will cling to You.
I will give no power,
To the evil one,
I will yield to You.

Because I have,
Always believed,
Up against or not life’s walls,
You have always existed,
You will not falter,
You will heed the call.

This will be no different,
Though it seems harsh,
I will trust You.
This body is a shell,
Ever decaying clay,
I live on in You.

Let me fall,
Call her too,
We will not be shaken.
You will outlast,
Every enemy,
Of this I am not mistaken.

You are God,
Lord God Almighty,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
You are God,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
You Yourself will bear it.
                dfav 9/23/16


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