This is YOUR Life

Our lives.
The good,
The not-so-good,
The down-right ugly ones.
They’re ours.
Want to claim them, or not,
They’re ours.

Our lives,
Days numbered,
Some live longer,
Some live less,
Nonetheless, it is appointed,
One day,
We will die.

What we’ve,
Done with these days,
Really come into focus,
We really begin to see,
With eternal residence,
At stake we ask,
What choice did I make?

People die,
Age no reason,
No “too young” nor,
No “too old”,
None to good,
None to evil,
It’s appointed.

Accidents happen,
Diseases strike,
Brakes fail,
Hearts break,
Sometimes no warning,
Most times,
No warning at all.

Take care,
Of your business now,
Then regardless,
Of the timing,
You’re prepared,
Ask God,
To rule your life.

People will know,
Even if you never,
Utter a single word,
The vitality,
Of your every moment,
Comes when
You die.

May you not die,
Before your ready,
Before you accept,
The apologies,
Mourn the losses,
Hang on with gusto,
Serve to the fullest.

After all,
You get one life,
No expiration date,
Beyond expectation
God gifted life to you,
How are you gifting,
It forward?

If today’s,
My time, may you know,
I love God,
Our daughter,
My husband,
Our family and
Our church.

What would,
I know about yours?

                      dfav 9/22/16


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