Cost of Free Will

The Lord God is sovereign,

All things He can control,

No boundaries to His reach,

No limit to His power.

And man’s mindset isn’t foreign.

We are His creations,

He wants us to love Him,

To offer our adoration willingly,

Because He completes us,

As individuals and as a nation.

As our spiritual Father He desires,

To give us the best,

Bread instead of stones,

Blessings instead of sorrows,

Love for us that will never expire.

For us to choose a relationship,

To come to know Him thoroughly,

To live in a spiritual intimacy,

God gives us free will and we,

Can choose Him and His fellowship.

Or in free will we can say no.

We can turn Him away,

Choose not to love Him thereby,

Choosing not to serve Him,

In a way saying, “God, let go”!

That’s why we can choose sin,

Choose war and choose hate.

Adam and Eve chose disobedience,

And now we can choose the same,

Freewill let’s good and evil in.

God is indeed sovereign,

He gifted free will to us,

And respects our decisions,

And consequences will come,

In a world God has ordained.
                 dfav 9/14/16


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