He Waits for You to Pray

In times of man’s Earthly affairs,
When grief arrives with its ill will,
We can only offer our heartfelt prayers,
That God hears when offered in sincerity.

He throws open His storehouses wide,
Raining down His perfect answers,
It’s through His Power He truly provides,
All His love and blessings besides.

Prayer may seem the least to do,
But make no mistake my friends,
God answers prayers prayed by you,
When your friends or family has need.

It matters not if the prayer is eloquent,
Or words straight from your heart,
What matters is the development,
When you say, “I’ll pray for you”!

God has answers stored up for each one,
He’s waiting to be asked to be involved,
In circumstances of each daughter, son,
So pray, my friends, pray on and on.
             dfav 9/6/16


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